Dec 29, 2020
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Legal advice

Have you found yourself in a difficult life situation? Need some valuable advice? There is a solution. An experienced lawyer-MSK.RF will help in a difficult problem.

How is the work going?

  • explanation of specific information on the rules of the plan,
  • creating an action script,
  • collection of information,
  • analysis of the situation,
  • control and execution.

The company has the skills of effective work experience with leading companies of medium and large business, as well as with foreign companies. Specializes in providing comprehensive and comprehensive legal advice in the field of corporate law, securities, bankruptcy, tax planning, investment consulting and business protection.

Constantly strives to find the best solution to the Client’s problems. The qualifications and experience of consultants help to develop and successfully implement non-standard approaches in accordance with the current legislation.

The company is distinguished by an integrated approach to managing client projects. If necessary, we involve specialists in the field of finance, business management, audit and evaluation, as well as provide support for PR projects.

Pride in our team. Among the employees there are consultants who conduct educational and research activities, as well as copyright seminars. The opinions of consultants are highly valued in the media, lawyers speak at professional conferences and business events. Some of our lawyers speak English.


  • technology company. Optimizing business processes and project management through innovative methods saves clients time and money.
  • guarantees client confidentiality, there is professional liability insurance that protects members group.
  • is the leader in regional ratings, for several years it has been one of the leading players in the civil legal services market.
  • actively shares practical experience and advice on doing business at the company’s seminars on tax and corporate law, bankruptcy. In addition, clients have access to unique analytical developments on various legal issues.
  • makes every effort to prevent abuse by government and local governments, including corruption component, by providing comprehensive legal protection of the client’s business.

Favorable conditions:

  • competence;
  • experience,
  • transparent transaction.

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