Sep 20, 2021
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Leave NATO and enter into an alliance with Russia: how the French reacted to the submarine scandal

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Users demand tough and drastic measures from Paris

French citizens reacted with indignation to the diplomatic scandal that erupted between Paris and Washington after the abrupt termination of a contract for the construction of nuclear submarines by Australia, which secretly entered into a new treaty with the United States bypassing France.

A massive controversy arose in the comment thread on the material. Many demanded that official Paris withdraw from the North Atlantic Alliance and improve relations with the Russian Federation.

“We need to say goodbye to NATO! Pursue an independent policy with China and Russia! Enough of such” friends “!”, “Make friends with Moscow, recognize the Crimea. Sign trade agreements with it. And invite Putin to Paris” abandon their dictatorship in terms of economic sanctions. Russia must sit back in the saddle, despite the damage caused by Europe “,” You would think that they once were our friends. Come down from heaven to earth! ! “,” Do not forget that France has doubled the prices of submarines since the signing of the contract and extended the delivery period by 20 years. Cancellation is a largely predictable result “,” The conspiracy behind our backs, instigated by the head of the British government, must be saw a chance to take revenge on France because of Brexit and restore his image, “users write.

According to political scientist Vladimir Kornilov, the appearance of a nuclear submarine fleet in Australia through the efforts of Biden will lead the world to a new large-scale conflict.

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