Oct 16, 2020
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Learning to live and survive correctly: restrictions from Sergei Sobyanin, advice from Pavel Durov and grades from Stephen King

Learning to live and survive correctly: restrictions from Sergei Sobyanin, advice from Pavel Durov and grades from Stephen King

Pavel Durov

This week, the coronavirus has firmly established its position among the main topics of discussion around the world, and it is obvious that it will remain at the top of the main news for a long time. People continue to get sick, and doctors have again forgotten what sleep is. The world authorities have not decided how to overcome the insidious virus and what measures to take to slow down its spread: some are inclined to introduce a total lockdown, as it was a few months ago, while others continue to doubt its necessity. We will tell you about what the Russian authorities are doing and other events of the week in our material.

1. New restrictions from Sergei Sobyanin

Perhaps no one has an answer to the question of how to deal with the coronavirus - in a few months, the insidious COVID-19 proved that so far it is winning in the confrontation with humanity. No matter what great minds and world leaders came up with, no one managed to cope with it.

The experience of lockdowns and serious restrictions that many countries introduced in spring and summer showed that, in general, this was a strategically correct and very effective decision. However, this only worked for a while. In the fall, the disease reminded of itself, so much so that every day new records began to appear in the number of people infected.

Many countries that have suffered significant losses have long resisted re-introducing restrictive measures, nevertheless they did it: in Barcelona, ​​for example, cafes and restaurants were closed for two weeks, in some French cities a curfew was imposed, in Italy bars will close at midnight.

The Moscow authorities are also actively fighting the disease, but not all of their methods seem reasonable. So far, they are not planning to close anything in the capital - in any case, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin has already assured Muscovites of this several times. Secular Moscow is still having fun at parties, moviegoers and theatergoers enjoy attending premieres, and shopaholics continue to sprout shopping malls in search of autumn trends.

True, so that Muscovites do not relax too much, Sobyanin ordered the companies to transfer 30% of their employees to remote work (and rightly so!), While employers must provide the authorities with the personal data of these same employees on a weekly basis (but this seemed strange). Travel and social cards were blocked for schoolchildren and citizens over 65 in order to thereby reduce passenger traffic. Alas, the incidence is not yet declining.

The authorities went further: they sent schoolchildren from 6th to 11th grade to distance learning and introduced new rules for visiting bars and nightclubs. Starting from October 19, it will be possible to get to entertainment venues in Moscow by QR code or SMS.

From October 19, 2020, access for employees and visitors to discos, nightclubs, bars and similar entertainment establishments, open from 0 a.m. to 6 a.m., will be possible only if phone numbers are registered. When entering the establishment, visitors will have to scan a QR code or send an SMS to a special short number 7377,

- said in the statement of the mayor.

All this will be done, of course, for the good of society. If any of the visitors is diagnosed with COVID-19, all other customers will be immediately notified by phone and recommended to take the test.

On the whole, it would seem that it is quite logical and, perhaps, somewhat correct initiative, so far only scares. Jokes about Big Brother watching us don't seem so funny anymore. Maybe it's just time to listen to some basic advice and start wearing masks, avoid crowds and wash your hands more often? So far, this option to combat the spread of coronavirus is both the simplest and most effective.

2. Advice from Pavel Durov

Pavel Durov, the founder of the Telegram social network, turned 36 last Saturday. Having achieved a lot by these years, of course, he always aroused admiration among the public, and not only for his financial success, but also for his appearance: Durov is attractive, handsome and fit. In the best traditions of Hollywood stars, on his birthday, Pavel decided to share the secrets of beauty and gave seven tips to follow in order to look just like him, that is, younger than his age. So, let's write it down.

Павел Дуров

1. Do not drink alcohol

According to Durov, alcohol is the main enemy of youth, which, moreover, has an extremely negative effect on health.

2. Sleep a lot

Sleeping enough on weekends for lack of sleep on weekdays, according to the entrepreneur, is wrong.

Павел Дуров

3. Don't overeat

Durov himself eats only once or twice a day. Three, in his opinion, is already a lot, and snacks are completely unacceptable.

4. Exercise

Pavel stands for regular sports. For example, he loves cardio, swimming and strength training with small weights.

Павел Дуров

5. Limit stress

This is where mental habits and stoic principles can help you. Better yet, live close to nature.

6. Don't eat meat

Still, according to Durov's advice, it's not worth becoming a completely vegetarian. He has nothing against eating fish and seafood. But red meat, in his opinion, does not carry any benefit in itself - if it is there, then you will definitely not be able to look young.

7. Live alone

Surprisingly, all of the young-looking middle-aged men I spoke to lived alone for most of their lives. This may be the result of their independence from the patterns of sleep, food, behavior of another person. Or maybe it's just a correlation, and people who are not dependent on unhealthy social norms are independent in their personal lives as well,

- noted Durov.

Павел Дуров

It is likely that someone listened to the birthday boy's advice and hastily began to empty the freezer of steaks, signed up for the gym and began looking for a house in the village. But in general, the public ridiculed the secrets of Pavel's youth, and trolled him.

3. Estimates from Stephen King

This week, the famous American writer Stephen King gave a rather complimentary assessment of the Russian TV series "Epidemic". He said that the show was "damn good", but allowed himself a careless statement about the character of 10-year-old Savely Kudryashov.

A little kid is a pain in the ass

- he spoke about the character of Eldar Kalimulin.

Стивен Кинг
Stephen King

In the series, starring Victoria Isakova, Kirill Kyaro, Maryana Spivak and Yuri Kuznetsov, the action takes place in Moscow. According to the scenario, a terrible virus is raging in the city, and those who have not yet become infected have to fight for survival. The main character will have to save his ex-wife, with whom they have extremely strained relations, and their son - for this he comes to the capital and takes them to Karelia. During the trip, they are attacked, and the child, frightened, runs away, which puts the life of his parents in serious danger.

Виктория Исакова, Кирилл Кяро и Марьяна Спивак
Victoria Isakova, Kirill Kyaro and Maryana Spivak

Talking about the series, King probably did not mean that children are continuous problems, and talked about a specific plot twist, but this is the case when some residue still remained.

Savely Kudryashov in the series "Epidemic"
Savely Kudryashov in the series "Epidemic"

In the meantime, some give advice, while others come up with ways to intimidate people even more, someone is changing the situation with real actions. And the resignation of President of Kyrgyzstan Soronbai Jeenbekov is an excellent example of this. He said he did not want to remain in the history of the country as a president who "shed blood and shot at his own citizens." Such changes are a 100% merit of the Kyrgyz people, who were not afraid to fight the government and emerged victorious from it.

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