Feb 16, 2021
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Leader of the Hands Up! Sergey Zhukov showed his own apartment, to which he moved after 23 years of living in a rented apartment

08:09, 02.16.2021

Luxurious apartments with a fireplace and a banana tree are located in the center of the capital.

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Sergei Zhukov is known as the soloist of the popular group “Hands Up!”, And also as a businessman who last year entered the rating of the richest stars. In the list of artists, experts estimated the annual income of $ 5 million, ranked 11th. All projects of the performer were taken into account, including the chains of bars, confectionery and restaurants, as well as Zhukov’s new brainchild – a resort residence in the Moscow region.

Commenting on getting into the rating, Sergey Zhukov admitted that the compilers of the rating took into account only income, not expenses. He noted that he is investing not only in his business projects, but also in concert shows. Most of the musician’s money is spent on paying his team, as well as buying expensive equipment, so he does not have a lot of real estate and luxury goods. Even the apartment in which Sergei lives with his wife Regina Burd and children was bought with a mortgage. Prior to that, the artist rented a house for 23 years.

Part of the interior of Sergei Zhukov’s apartment

Yesterday the first shots appeared, taken in Zhukov’s new apartment. Sergey showed her to the host of the YouTube show FAMETIME TV Laura Jugelia, whom he invited to his home. According to the owner of the elite metropolitan housing, his choice immediately fell on this “three rubles” because of its terrace and the opportunity to make a fireplace right in the apartment, which is a rarity for residents of the center of Moscow.

According to Zhukov, initially square meters were a sad sight, and it was clear that one could not do without the help of designers. Since the star’s family managed to make repairs before the start of the quarantine associated with the coronavirus pandemic, moving to spacious housing with the opportunity to breathe in air greatly helped to survive the difficulties of self-isolation. In addition to the fireplace, Sergei planted a real banana tree, which bears fruit and has already given its owners more than four hundred bananas. It is noteworthy that the tree has grown and now the couple has “many small banana trees”. The artist joked that it was time for him and his wife to think about the banana business.

Sergey Zhukov showed part of his luxurious apartment, saying that he planted a real banana tree

We add that the peculiarity of Sergei Zhukov’s apartment was that it was decided to renovate it in the spirit of minimalism, so the walls were painted white. “We had a conversation with the children that the apartment would be white. We tell them: “We will see where that is, you will wash it yourself!” – the performer admitted.

Recall from the soloist “VIA Cream” Regina Burd Sergei Zhukov has three children – Angel, Nika and Myron… The daughter and sons followed in the footsteps of their parents, who share their successes in their microblogs on Instagram. So, in the fall of 2020, the singer admitted that he burst into tears during the theatrical debut of the ten-year-old Miron, who played the main role in the production of “The Leader of the Redskins” on the stage of the Moscow House of Music. Note that from the first marriage with the daughter of the vice president of AvtoVAZ Elena Dobyndo the singer also has a daughter, who was named Alexandra… Unfortunately, the common child could not save the marriage of Sergei and Elena, which fell apart due to the jealousy of the chosen one. But Zhukov is still happy with his second wife. In 2007, the performer officially legalized relations with Regina Burd. Spouses devote a lot of time to raising their offspring, but they also do not forget about business, successfully developing it.

Sergey Zhukov with his wife and children

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