Apr 18, 2021
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Le Monde: USA will once again become a “gendarme for Europe”

The European Union will not be enthusiastic about the return of the “American policeman”

“The diplomatic crisis caused by the movement of Russian troops along the eastern border of Ukraine is one of the first serious tests of the Biden presidency. However, due to the fact that Joe Biden was engaged in the Ukrainian direction in the administration of President Barack Obama, he took into account all the mistakes of the past and made the appropriate conclusions. Obama’s main mistake was transferring to Germany the role of mediator in the Ukrainian issue “,

– writes a French newspaper Peace

Le Monde: USA will once again become a

The publication notes that the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis has not advanced since the signing of the Minsk agreements, despite the past years. At the same time, today the situation is becoming even more delicate – Kiev is not just asking, but demanding that Ukraine be admitted to the North Atlantic Alliance. Kiev clearly saw in Biden’s arrival “a change in the rules of the game for Ukraine,” especially after the administration of the new American president announced its support for Kiev in its confrontation with Moscow.

In response to the persistent appeals of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky to Washington, so that it intervenes in Ukrainian problems as quickly and actively as possible, the United States, apparently, decided to return to the already somewhat forgotten role of the “European policeman”. This is evidenced by the deployment of an additional five hundred American soldiers in Germany, notes Peace

Biden also plans to strengthen the American presence in the Black Sea region and Eastern Europe, as well as to continue the supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine. A month ago, the Pentagon announced an additional $ 125 million in military aid to Kiev, including two fully armed patrol boats. However, Washington is in no hurry to openly declare its support for Kiev’s desire to join NATO, just like France and Germany – no one wants to fight for the solution of Ukrainian problems.

Moreover, Europe will not greeted with enthusiasm the return of the “American gendarme”, because the European Union aspired to be an independent geopolitical force, says the author of the article, political scientist Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer. However, in her opinion, Europe has shown its bankruptcy, failing to build a single European strategy towards Ukraine and not becoming a real ally of Kiev.

“Germany and France tried to play the role of mediators, but they failed, the conflict was frozen, and Ukraine was left without real support from NATO and the EU. Since this situation serves the interests of Moscow, the United States has to re-assume the role of the “European policeman” “,

– concludes Peace

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