Feb 19, 2021
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Le Havre named the reason why he retired from the Comedy Club

Comedian Gabriel Gordeev, who performed under the name Le Havre in the Comedy Club show, revealed the reason why he left the project. He also talked about how the show participants had fun.

Le Havre named the reason why he retired from the Comedy Club

Gabriel Gordeev admitted that he did not find himself a unique artist, like Garik Kharlamov or Mikhail Galustyan. According to him, he was not a “nugget”, the comedian told about this in a huge interview for Teleprogramma pro.

Back in 2009, Gordeev felt doubtful about his artistic future. In addition, his departure from the stage was influenced by the house: he and a woman have three children. The showman recalls that he lived in a friendly manner, rather than his blood.

“When the elders are already sending them to school – if I worked hard on tours, corporate parties or concerts, and they always lay on weekends or late in the evening, I would not see them,” Gabriel said.

He confessed that he recalls the days of the Comedy Club with nostalgia, when with other participants in the project they partly threw parties. He plunged into an example “gender” parties, which parks dressed as young ladies and vice versa.

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