May 13, 2022
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Le Figaro: “Ukraine needs to be told the truth”

Macron dismissed Ukraine’s dreams of imminent EU membership

Gotta tell them the truth“, is a message from Macron Ukraine published by a popular French daily newspaper Le Figaro. The truth is that “Ukraine’s accession to the EU will take several years, and maybe several decades“. Macron himself divides the EU into “leaders” and “laggards”. However, Ukraine is likely to fall into the “hopeless”.

The head of state even intends to revise the agreements concluded within the EU for the admission of new candidate countries.

During his speech delivered in Strasbourg the other day on the occasion of the presentation of the final report of the Conference on the Future of Europe, Emmanuel Macron expressed his desire to advance “a Europe with variable geometry” further. “I am amazed that the desire to keep the EU at its current 27 members prevents us from being more ambitious”he stressed.

According to Macron, membership in the Union and close ties with the European project should be an ongoing process. At one end of the field, he sees “advanced countries”, which, according to the president, are beneficial to the European project. These are the member states that are willing or able to move faster within the European Union. “The “advanced” countries have healthy ambitions – this is a desire to catch up with themselves, Macron added, thus humiliating the “non-advanced”. “We, the heads of state and government, never manage to meet in the eurozone format. It is as if the housing management of an elite quarter always had to invite the entire street on which this quarter is located to the meeting of residents.joked the President of France.

“The acceleration of the pace, the increase of our ambitions, the convergence without a predetermined format, never excluding, but also not allowing the most skeptical or hesitant to slow down the process. This is what will enable our Europe to establish itself as a world power.”Macron says.

Since he is convinced that Russia poses a threat to the EU, he advocates the creation of “European political community“, which will be a kind of “protection of the sphere of influence» against Russia. The thesis of “buffer states” is dressed up in such beautiful figures of speech.

In his opinion, countries wishing to join the EU, and even those who previously left the EU, as the UK did, could join the community. This could become “new space for collaboration» in many areas – politics, security, energy, transport, investment. In return, such countries would receive concessions in the field of freedom of movement of people, “especially the youth” said Emmanuel Macron.

The French President dispelled Ukraine’s hopes of joining the EU as if in passing: “We are all well aware that this process will take several years, and maybe several decades. This truth needs to be told (to Ukraine). And Ukraine will join the EU only if we decide to lower the standards of this membership.”Macron said.

He supported “convening a treaty revision convention“. “We will have to reform our European documents, this is obvious.”– he said. At the same time, almost half of the EU member states have made it clear that they oppose rash and premature attempts to revise the union treaty. “We already have a Europe that is fulfilling its functions.”they say, pointing to the management of the pandemic or even the conflict in Ukraine. According to them, this would be a waste of energy for the EU, which has so many other problems waiting to be solved, according to a French publication.

But Macron is already on fire with the idea of ​​”reforming” the European Union.

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