Sep 15, 2022
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Lazareva and Panin sleep and drink together, says Dana Borisova


Presenter Dana Borisova spoke sharply about the escaped artists.

For several months now, actors Tatyana Lazareva and Alexei Panin, who live in Spain, have been pouring mud on Russia. It looks like they are not going to return to Russia. On this occasion, Dana Borisova spoke rather sharply.

*Tatyana Lazareva was recognized as a foreign agent by decision of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation dated 07/22/2022.

Borisova believes that Panin and Lazareva suffer from alcohol cravings, and a common problem could unite them.

I think this is a case where losers and alcoholics team up to yap from a distance. I always considered Lazareva talented, and I sympathized with Panin. But, unfortunately, this is the case when both have alcohol abuse. People simply degraded and now found each other on this basis. Of course, no one needs them in Spain, they are absolutely not in demand. A vile yelping comes from them: like hyenas yelping something, taking advantage of the fact that they are at a distance”, — shared 46-year-old Dana with the press.

Dana Borisova - photo from the archive -
Dana Borisova – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Dana Borisova despises the artists and hopes that they will not come to Russia anymore, although Lazareva hopes that her return to her homeland will still happen.

On the face of alcohol addiction and one and the other. I suspect that Panin is still using something there. I consider them completely handshake, vile. I would not like to meet them. Maybe they have sex in a drunken shop. I hate to even tinker with it.

Panin in general, in my opinion, does not care with whom, in what position. If Panin came back, I think that he should be taken under white arms and sent to places not so remote. Two alcoholics have found each other and are cowardly yapping at Russia, in which nothing but disgust is evoked!“- concluded the blonde, who, by the way, knows firsthand what a harmful addiction is, writes” EG “.

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