May 4, 2021
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Lazarev told who he would send to the Eurovision-2021 contest

The famous Russian singer Sergei Lazarev has already seen Russia at the international Eurovision Song Contest and now he knows for sure who should be sent to this event, and this is definitely not Manizha.

Lazarev told who he would send to the Eurovision-2021 contest

Sergey took part in the song contest twice – in 2016 and 2019 and took the third place. He believes that he knows the whole “kitchen” of the competition, so he is sure that Manizha will not take the prize point. In view of the fact that she sings her song in Russian, she will not be able to score an exalted score, because the European audience will not understand her, the singer specified.

Lazarev added that the theme of a deep woman sounds in the song of a contestant from Malta, and she is already portraying as a favorite. People will be compared, and this comparison may not be in favor of Manizhi. The artist added that if he was deciding who to send to the event, then Zivert would go, as if many knew her.

The singer also criticized the selection process on Channel One, in which three performers took part in this. Sergei believes that for a competition of international importance, much more talented musicians should be represented.

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