Apr 27, 2021
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Lazarev Saturday April 24, 2021: signs and traditions of the holiday

Lazarev Saturday April 24, 2021: signs and traditions of the holiday

Lazarev Saturday is a great Orthodox holiday, a century that falls on Great Lent. The clergy are advised to familiarize yourself with the history of this holiday and its reason, so that it is more important to understand its traditions.

This is not a twelve-year holiday, but this makes its importance no less majestic. Lazarev Saturday is one of the key days of Great Lent. Try to be kinder and more positive on this bright day.

This is a holiday that was given to the last miracle of Jesus Christ, which was performed before the crucifixion. It is about the resurrection of Lazarus. He was a kind-hearted guy who lived near Jerusalem. Christ more than once had a relationship with a man and kept in touch with him, and before entering Jerusalem, the Messiah decided to visit his friend. It turned out that the uncle died shortly before Jesus came to his house.

He could not accept this, so he ordered to remove the stone from the grave of Lazarus, after which he uttered the famous phrase: “Lazarus, get out.” Uncle rose again and left the cave, as if nothing had happened. According to the scripture, the uncle lived after this about thirty years.

On this day, they were greeted to go to church, receive communion and confess their sins. If you have already done this before, you can simply attend the service, pray, light a candle.

On this day, all Orthodox believers can ask the Lord for the healing of ailments and the granting of health. It is revered that prayers will be answered. The more righteous the life of the grunt, the greater the likelihood that the Lord will fulfill his requests.

It is revered that on this day it is also worth asking in prayers not about solving your problems, but about solving the problems of loved ones. Christ brought back to life the one he found at home, so without fail help those who are dear to you.

Try not to do business in the garden and at home on this day. Also, on Lazarev Saturday, it is harmless not to arrange magnificent feasts, because this is still Great Lent.

According to the signs, on this day you can and even should tell your family about the decision you have made to have a wedding with your soul mate. It is revered that such a coming alliance will be more robust.

Another dignified omen touches the weather. If the willow earrings have blossomed by Lazare’s Saturday, it means that the summer will be very suitable, warm and not arid.

Remember to pray at home if you are unable to visit the sanctuary. On April 24, recite prayers for health, forgiveness of sins. Make yourself a serene and measured weekend, forget about the problems during the holiday.

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