May 3, 2021
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Lazarev envied tiktoker Dana Milokhin because of the Maybach

The famous Russian performer Sergei Lazarev said that he does not have enough money to get the newest Maybach for himself, like a tiktoker Dani Milokhin.

Lazarev envied tiktoker Dana Milokhin because of the Maybach

Sergey noted that he cannot change cars fractionally and added that he has been driving the car that he currently has for eight years. Lazarev said that he is even a little jealous of the kindly young bloggers who have learned to earn innumerable in their years.

The musician reported that he spends most of the money he earned on organizing his concerts and shows. One performance by Sergei costs him a million dollars. Lazarev does not want to look for sponsors, because he does not like to owe someone. And also he needs to provide for his children.

The singer says that he is not one of those people who will buy for the final pennies of the Maybach, but at the same time he will walk in holey socks.

He looks dignifiedly at young performers and recognizes the fact that they are hardworking and talented. Sergey is also positive about their advertising campaigns.

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