Jul 30, 2020
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Lawyers explained who is entitled to a discount when paying for utility bills

Pensioners, disabled people and families of dead servicemen can save up to 30 thousand rubles a year on utility services. This opportunity is given to them by benefits established at the federal and regional levels.

Discounts for families of dead servicemen are 60%, disabled people of all groups, families with disabled children, veterans, liquidators of radiation accidents are entitled to a 50% discount, writes Life with reference to Dmitry Lesnyak, head of GR practice at BMS Law Firm.

Regional authorities, as a rule, establish benefits for large families, needy people, orphans, and pensioners. Some retirees can only pay half of the invoiced housing and communal services. Single unemployed pensioners over 70 are entitled to a 50% discount when paying for overhaul, people over 80 are completely exempted from this fee.

Families with many children can get a 30% discount on utility bills. By receiving a subsidy, you can save up to 30 thousand rubles per year.

Benefits can only be obtained through application. they are not automatically assigned. You can find out about the benefits at the MFC or on the website of “Gosuslugi”. Benefits in different regions can vary significantly.

Earlier reported that the Russian government had adopted a draft change in the distribution of subventions for payment of housing and communal services (housing and communal services) to certain categories of citizens of the regions of Russia and Baikonur for 2020.

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