Sep 13, 2022
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Lawn on newspapers: the method of English gardeners

Lawn on newspapers: the method of English gardeners

A beautiful green lawn in front of the house is the dream of many owners of country houses and houses. But it is also a huge job. It needs to be regularly watered, trimmed, updated … Difficulties arise already at the planting stage. It turns out that in order for the lawn to be thick and even, without bald spots, you need to prepare the site in a special way. Remove the top layer of soil overgrown with weeds, and then replace it with purchased soil and carefully level it. Any pebbles, weeds will not allow the lawn to grow thick and even.

But there is a way to reduce labor costs and still achieve excellent results. It is called the method of English gardeners. And the British, as you know, understand the lawns.

It consists in the following. A flat area is covered with several layers of moistened newspapers, a 3-centimeter layer of purchased soil is poured on top, into which lawn grass seeds are sown.

Of course, you can’t sow a large lawn in this way (provided that the soil is purchased, the pleasure will not be cheap), but it’s quite possible to arrange a near-stem circle, a small clearing. The advantages of this method: weeds will not be able to break through the newspapers. During the season, the paper will decompose, but by this time the lawn will already be strong.

Flower beds are formed in the same way. They cover the necessary area with newspapers in several layers (newspapers need to be overlapped so that the weeds do not break through). Leave free only places for the planned plants.

And then carefully water the newspapers with water. So they do not fly away and the soil becomes wet.

Top the newspapers with mulch. For example, fallen leaves. A layer of newspapers not only protects against weeds, but also retains moisture in the ground. In addition, the earth does not overheat, as, for example, when using a black film.

And instead of newspapers, you can use sheets of cardboard from old boxes. Cardboard decomposes longer than newspapers, so it is more suitable for perennial beds.

Cardboard is covered with a layer of soil, plants are planted on it.

By the way, judging by the discussions on the forums, this method of planting a lawn, flowers, and other plants is known not only to English, but also to domestic gardeners. And quite popular among them.

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