Nov 8, 2021
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Lawlessness in Domodedovo: the police storm the “hostels”

Lawlessness in Domodedovo: the police storm the

Photo: Alexander Demyanchuk / TASS

“Nothing serious. They just fired into the air to disperse the crowd, ”a participant in a recent fight in Domodedovo near Moscow explained what was happening.

So nothing at all? The video that is walking on the network testifies to the opposite. When several dozen people start a carnage right on the roadway, spray gas from a canister, and even use traumas – this is a direct challenge to society!

Local residents are shocked: according to them, the fight took place near house number 50 on Gagarin Street. They counted about 50 people with “non-Slavic appearance” and a dozen Russians. Many are sure that the conflict began with the fact that local teenagers began to sort things out with newcomers, and they called their friends for help. It is noteworthy that the police received no statements after the fight.

Nevertheless, the police and the prosecutor’s office, as in the case of the fight in Novye Vatutinki, began to check. The identities of the participants in the brawl are being established. Seven violators of the order have already been found and detained. A criminal case was initiated under article 213 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Hooliganism”).

According to one of the participants in the fight, the conflict began over a bottle of beer and has no interethnic connotation. But it’s hard to believe. At least netizens don’t believe it:

“And young people of a nationality, which cannot be named, had a fight (as in Harry Potter)”, “To what extent has progress reached, they’re even afraid to say that not only Russians were there”, “Where did so many people come from at once? Obviously they came to the planned turn “,” Here are the fruits of uncontrolled migration. These are still flowers! And there will be berries! ” – that’s what people write in the comments to the news.

– And again the Moscow region, and again a massive brawl with the participation of “southerners”, laments political scientist Vadim Trukhachev… – We are now waiting for details about the participants. But again the question arises about visas with southern countries or deprivation of Russian citizenship, if any. Or about restrictions on movement for residents of three regions, whose natives often appear in police reports.

I would like to note that nobody shows the Buryats, Kazakhs, Vietnamese or Africans of inexorable years. The set of suspects is somehow well-established …

Note that in the 90s, law enforcement agencies had serious claims against both the Vietnamese and guests from sunny Africa. But they dealt with them, because that was the will of the authorities. Some were jailed, some were expelled, the rest were engaged, some with studies, some with legal business. In the case of newcomers, there is no clear policy. You can’t put up signs in Tajik and Uzbek at the same time and allow employers to hire illegal immigrants.

As for Domodedovo, it really is not the most prosperous city in terms of interethnic relations.

According to local residents, the Domodedovo vegetable market is mainly traded by Azeri resellers. Last year, during the war in Nagorno-Karabakh, residents became hostages of a situation when trucks from Armenia were not allowed to trade points owned by Azerbaijanis. It’s good that there was no massacre.

There is also a “local” taxi that runs between cottage villages and to Moscow. It is mainly outsiders who rule there. Plus the teams involved in the construction and decoration of town houses. Now there is a crisis, there is less work, and people need to feed their families.

By the way, many come to work with their families. And if children stay at home under the supervision of their mothers, then what do teenagers and young people do is a big question. And adults, too, do not always behave adequately.

So two months ago, a native of Central Asia threatened a teenager with a knife because he reprimanded him for the mess in the entrance: for some reason a visitor broke mailboxes and scattered letters. In the summer, two natives of Central Asia left a kilometer of the Central Ring Road without electricity: they cut off the power cable, sawed it into pieces and took it to the buyout. Then it turned out that they had done this trick more than once.

And in the fall of last year, the police covered a criminal group that made illegal migrants a fake registration, and even with forged documents.

And all this is only in Domodedovo.

As for mass fights, such clashes have recently taken place in Lyubertsy and Krasnogorsk. Moreover, conflicts between local residents and visitors happened just during non-working days. This is to the question of how the fight against the pandemic is hitting people.

The authorities, of course, are taking measures. Head of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Moscow Region Victor Paukov said that a check is being carried out on the so-called “hostels” in which labor migrants live illegally (in common parlance – “rubber” apartments and abandoned buildings, of little use for normal life). Seven such establishments have already been identified in the Moscow region. According to him, they did not keep records of payment or registration of people who settled in. Most of the residents are from Central Asia and the Caucasus. More than a thousand guests were detained. And to the heap: in one of the “hostels” the security forces found extremist literature. And this is another article, much more serious than the “hooligan”.

Against this background, the proposal of the head of the Investigative Committee Alexandra Bastrykina about the obligatory genomic registration of guest workers seems sensible and overdue. A little more – and the citizens themselves will demand it.

In the meantime, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Security and Anti-Corruption Anatoly Vyborny proposed to make the existing laws governing the stay of migrants on the territory of Russia work. According to him, we can be expelled from the country for violating the laws, now it is important to ensure that this measure begins to be actively applied.

But even if the system works, labor migrants with Russian passports will not fit into it. Recent fights in the Moscow metro and Novye Vatutinki were started by our fellow citizens. Will the federal and city authorities have enough determination and strength to control the flow of any dubious guests to the capital?

Let’s remember how they criticized the registration system in the capital, without which it was impossible to get a job! But then, if the company was recruiting workers “according to the limit,” then they were guaranteed a job with a clearly defined salary, a bed was allocated in a hostel (with registration, of course), they were attached to a clinic, a place in a kindergarten was provided for children (often kindergartens were attached enterprise), after a while the employee received a one-room apartment. At the same time, “limiters” who came from all over the country could enter the evening department at a technical school or institute. Maybe it’s time to remember that Moscow is not a tundra that looks endless. And go from inflating the boundaries of a metropolis to caring about the quality of life of the population?

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