Sep 16, 2021
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Lavrov’s diplomats are losing again, Putin is in doubt

Lavrov's diplomats are losing again, Putin is in doubt

Photo: Vadim Savitsky / TASS

President of Russia who has gone into coronavirus self-isolation Vladimir Putin held a telephone conversation with the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomartom Tokayev, during which politicians discussed a number of topical issues.

According to the Kremlin press service, the heads of state talked about upcoming international events within the framework of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

Later, holding an operational meeting with permanent members of the Security Council of the Russian Federation via videoconference, the head of state proposed to discuss Russia’s participation in the work of international organizations, taking into account the situation in Afghanistan.

According to him, their activities are of particular interest to our country, since they are associated with key areas of Russian foreign policy, as well as the solution of security issues.

Considering that the CSTO and the SCO, in the opinion of many political analysts, are more “ceremonial” than really full-function organizations, the question arises – is our government planning to withdraw from them in the future?

And in general, shouldn’t this proposal of the President be taken as a hint that it is also high time, as they say, to think hard with regard to other international organizations in which Russia is a member?

– As far as the CSTO is concerned, while the Americans, good or bad, were in Afghanistan, some members of this organization, which was perceived by many as “anti-NATO”, could only afford to designate their presence, without showing readiness to take this is part of the real work, – explained in an interview with “SP” expert on topical issues of modern international relations and military security in the post-Soviet space, professor of St. Petersburg State University Niyazi Niyazov

“As a result, the entire burden of financing, supplying military equipment and weapons, and modernizing the armed forces of the Central Asian countries fell exclusively on the shoulders of Russia.

However, now that the threat from the Afghan direction will, I believe, only grow, the Russian president wants the CSTO to become a serious structure capable of repelling potential threats of any kind – from military to extremist.

Accordingly, there is a need to urgently resolve the internal problems that have accumulated here and make efforts so that our CSTO allies try to solve the problems between them, so to speak, peacefully, because Russia cannot take one side, it needs to remain arbiter.

“SP”: – What about the SCO?

– In my opinion, this is a rather economic and political organization. And besides, the first violin in it is played, as it seems to me, by the Chinese with their own interests.

I do not think that in the foreseeable future we will withdraw from the CSTO or the SCO. Most likely, we will make efforts to ensure that our partners in these blocks at least more actively invest in them financially or help with other resources.

“SP”: – And our security and foreign policy really strongly depend on these organizations? Maybe it is better to prepare to “take out”, as they say, the problem and threats on our own?

– Unfortunately, we have no other allies. If, God forbid, Kyrgyzstan or Tajikistan falls under the influence of some destructive forces, then on our own we will have to solve a lot of problems in various directions, and this will become an additional serious burden for us. To stop all threats, there simply will not be enough resources, including human resources, and we cannot afford to deploy the entire military structure towards Asia. So “on our own” is a very sad option for us, our, so to speak, the last weapon of defense. Therefore, the main task of our diplomacy now is to prevent such a negative scenario.

These words of the expert are all the more valuable because our diplomacy already has sad examples of how Russia, being a seemingly full-fledged member of a serious international organization, on which its national security largely depends, was left alone with the problems that other participants created for it.

– Russia generally participates in many organizations that openly harm it. And he participates in WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency), and in the WTO (World Trade Society), and in the OPCW (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons), and in the World Health Organization, as I call it, – shared his vision with “SP” situations political scientist, member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Doctor of Economics Mikhail Delyagin… – And they are all used as clubs against us.

See what WADA is doing with our athletes. Look how the International Olympic Committee is literally walking on us, how the OPCW is used as a tool of provocations against us, how the World Trade Organization (WTO) is destroying our economy, and the WHO is destroying the health of our citizens.

“SP”: – Why does not the head of state suggest the RF Security Council “to study the issue” of Russia’s activities in these organizations?

– Practice, as you know, is the criterion of truth. I think if Vladimir Vladimirovich does not call for studying the issue of Russia’s work in them, it means that he is completely satisfied with everything here, and he does not see any problems here, from his point of view, everything is in order. Of course, I cannot predict the logic of the President of Russia, but I want to note that Vladimir Vladimirovich is known for the fact that if he sees a problem somewhere, he solves it.

“SP”: – It is rather strange not to see problems in Russia’s participation at least in the same WTO. We certainly have no allies there, why not get out of there?

– Actually, the corresponding bill has already been submitted to the State Duma by our faction, – noted candidate of economic sciences, secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Sergei Obukhov

“Moreover, we even tried to challenge all these“ Marrakesh agreements ”through the Constitutional Court, but we were told that everything is in order. Against this background, I personally have the impression that if Russia ever considers the likelihood of leaving this or that international organization, then the WTO will be the last issue.

“SP”: – Why so? After all, the national security of Russia largely depends, without exaggeration, on the sanctions of this organization.

– You see, as they say, at the root. But the fact is that the current ruling group in Russia is exporters who profit from the exchange and utilization of Russian resources.

“SP”: – And how beautifully we once “sang” about the kind of chocolate in which we will all heal immediately after joining this organization …

– We entered there for the sake of metallurgists and other raw material producers, who were extremely beneficial to the WTO for bringing their products to world markets. But in fact, the WTO turned out to be the real killer of our manufacturing industry. But due to the fact that the group of raw material exporters won, we, in fact, simply recorded the fact that Russia is a raw material appendage of transnational corporations, and our current oligarchs are nothing more than executors.

Which, by the way, will hold on to the WTO to the end, because this is a form of their existence. But the Russian people, I assure you, could do without this very organization quite calmly.

“SP”: – If at least theoretically imagine that in our vertical of power there will be conditions under which the consideration of the expediency of Russia’s activities within the WTO will become possible, will the “transnationals” release us without problems?

– Oh, that will be a very big problem. Believe me, if the entrance to the WTO cost us, figuratively speaking, a ruble, then the exit will cost us millions.

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