Dec 31, 2020
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Lavrova Olesya The wife of Emmanuil Vitorgan admitted that a surrogate mother gave birth to their eldest daughter 12:00, 12/30/2020

12:00, 12/30/2020

Irina Mlodik shared her revelations in the program “The Fate of Man”.

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Emmanuel Vitorgan, who is best known for his films “Pious Martha”, “The Wizards” and “Election Day”, became a guest of the show “The Fate of a Man”. In the first episode of the program, the 81-year-old actor said that he still remembers with gratitude his second wife Alla Balter, who died of cancer in 2000. In the second part of the TV show, the artist was joined by his third wife Irina Mlodik, in a marriage with whom two daughters were born, Ethel and Clara… The first-born of a 58-year-old businesswoman was born in 2018 and then she assured that she carried and produced offspring herself.

Answering the question of the host of the program Boris Korchevnikov, the wife of Emmanuil Vitorgan said that, both the first and the second daughter, who was born in August 2019, did not give birth herself, since for medical reasons she cannot do this … “I wanted children all my life, but then one thing, then another – at first I had my first marriage, then we separated, then I had affairs, and because of oncology, the doctors did not allow me to give birth, and now many years passed, and we they did it, ”Irina admitted. She stressed that it does not matter how the child was born, through surrogacy or naturally. “What does it mean, natural or not, these are our children, this is our blood, this is from our secret!” – added Vitorgan’s wife.

Emmanuel Vitorgan and Irina Mlodik with their daughters Ethel and Klara

Irina Mlodik added that in her opinion, there should be many children in the family. The chosen one of Vitorgan tried to make sure that the offspring of her husband from previous marriages were involved in their family. Although, according to her, it was not easy to maintain the initial attitude of the son of Emmanuel Gedeonovich from Alla Balter, Maxim Vitorgan. He simply did not notice his father’s new wife, and it hurt her painfully. But she always understood why this was happening, because she was closely acquainted with Alla, whom she considered an amazing woman. Irina was mentally prepared for constant comparison with the deceased Balter, although she admitted that it was difficult.

One of the achievements of his third wife, Emmanuel Vitorgan, considers the fact that she tried to reconcile him with her eldest daughter. Ksenia Rumyantseva… The actor said that Ksenia could not forgive her father for her mother’s betrayal. At the 65th anniversary of the artist, when, through the efforts of Irina Rumyantseva, she came to her father, her daughter still could not squeeze out a toast in honor of her father. “I’d better drink to you,” she said then to Mlodik.

But with Maxim Vitorgan and his ex-wives, Victoria Verberg and Ksenia Sobchak, Irina communicates warmly. She noted that she considers the ex-chosen ones of her son Emmanuel to be wonderful mothers. Separately, Mlodik noted Sobchak, who, in her opinion, gives a lot to the four-year-old Plato. “A wonderful granddaughter is growing up” And Ksyusha is a wonderful mother, like Maxim, who pays attention to all her children. We treat Ksyusha with respect and our attitude towards her after the divorce has not changed. And with Lyuda (Lyudmila Narusova, mother Sobchak – Noteed.) we have one company, we communicate, ”said the guest of“ Human Destiny ”.

Emmanuel Vitorgan with his daughter Ethel and grandson Plato

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