Sep 13, 2020
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Lavrov: the EU is trying to keep up with the United States in trying to “punish” Russia

The EU sacrifices its own interests in order to keep up with the United States in its attempts to “punish” Russia, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview with the Moscow. Kremlin. Putin ", which aired on the channel" Russia-1 ".

The Minister emphasized that in such conditions, building relations between the Russian Federation and the EU can only be achieved by using a “safety net”. “That is, to provide ourselves with all the possibilities so that if the EU remains in its negative, destructive positions, we do not depend on its whims,” Lavrov said.

The minister added that Russia never invites other countries to "be friends" against someone, since the Russian Federation has "a completely different diplomatic and political culture."

The day before, Lavrov said that Moscow would not leave possible new Western sanctions unanswered.

Member of the Bundestag Committee on International Affairs Waldemar Gerdt previously named those who want to "punish" Russia.

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