Dec 27, 2020
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Lavrov said in an interview what he thinks about Russian football

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, a longtime fan of the Spartak football club, said he would welcome changes in the club’s structure, when the fans could feel like the owners of the team, the minister said in an interview with Match TV.

According to Lavrov, the owner of the club, Leonid Fedun, had previously expressed the idea of ​​making Spartak a national team. The minister said he would welcome such changes.

Lavrov also expressed the opinion that the “autumn – spring” system is not suitable for Russian football, and the Russian championship needs reforms. He explained that the game takes place on muddy, wet fields with a three-month break during the best time of the year.

The Minister noted that one of the key differences between Russian football and European football is the frequency of games played by clubs. Russian teams play no more than once a week.

Lavrov also admitted that he continues to play football on Sundays. The head of the Russian Foreign Ministry said that as a child he was fond of hockey.

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