Apr 27, 2021
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Lavrov named "kurtosis" Biden’s offensive statement about Putin

For the first time, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov commented on the offensive statement by American leader Joe Biden about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov considered the scandalous statement of US President Joe Biden about Vladimir Putin as an “excess”.

Recall, when asked by a reporter whether Biden considers Russian President Putin a “killer”, he thought and answered “Well, yes.” The American leader also noted that Russia would “pay” for interference in the elections.

You know how we reacted to the excesses that sounded in Joe Biden’s famous interview with ABC

– said Lavrov in an interview with RIA Novosti.

According to Lavrov, President Putin has responded to the proposal of the US President to hold a meeting. According to Lavrov, “we have received this proposal from the United States positively.”

“We want to understand all aspects of this initiative, which we are now studying,” the Russian Foreign Minister added.

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