Sep 20, 2021
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Lava from the volcano reached houses: The authorities increased the scale of the evacuation in the Canary Islands

The authorities have increased the scale of the evacuation on the island of Palma, which is part of Spain’s Canary archipelago. The lava from the volcano reached the houses.

More than 22 thousand aftershocks were recorded in the last week on the Cumbre Vieja ridge. A volcanic eruption began near the village of El Paso.

EFE reported that lava from the volcano reached houses. What kind of village we are talking about is not reported. However, streams of incandescent liquid completely surrounded at least one household and, from one side, have already crept up to the other.

Earlier it was reported about the removal of low-mobility groups of the population from the danger zone, however, the authorities of the Canary Islands increased the scale of the evacuation.

On the page of the Spanish Civil Guard on Twitter, it is said that approximately 5-10 thousand people will be removed from Palma. The disaster zone has already helped to leave more than two thousand people, of which about 500 were tourists.

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