Oct 7, 2021
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Latvian President outraged – employers demand knowledge of Russian

The Latvian language, despite all efforts to preserve it, is degenerating

More and more often, job advertisements in Latvia indicate a prerequisite – knowledge of the Russian language, despite the fact that a real war has been declared on the Russian language, as well as on the Russian-language education in the country. Here is the President of Latvia Egil Levits angrily commented on such demands of employers, calling them discrimination against Latvians in his own country. Indeed, in his opinion, the Latvian language is not only the state language, but also the main element of the identity of Latvia and the nation of the country.

“It cannot be that a person who is looking for a job is required to know the Russian language where it is not needed. This is discrimination against Latvians on their own land, this is unacceptable. We must realize that the state language, which is Latvian for us, is the main element of the identity of our state and our nation. Latvians are Latvians because they speak Latvian. This does not mean that we should isolate ourselves from the world, but we should have a strong inner core and identity, ”

– the president is sure.

At the same time, he noted that the Latvian language, despite all the efforts that the state makes to preserve it, “is degenerating and polluted.” This is happening especially quickly in recent years, after the bulk of the country’s population has mastered the Internet and now more and more Latvians use English instead of Latvian words.

“One has only to look on the Internet – both the headings and the content are full of errors. Anglicisms are also noticeable in the Latvian language. We speak Latvian – not “cool”, but “stilīgi” “,

– reminded Levits.

Latvia began the process of de-Russification immediately after leaving the USSR in the early nineties of the last century. But even 30 years later, almost 40% of the Russian-speaking population in the country. Latvia is the country with the largest Russian-speaking population in the Baltic States. However, the use of the Russian language in the state sphere is strictly prohibited.

And if in 1991 there were 219 Russian schools in the country, then during the years of “independence” their number decreased by 57% and remained 94. In small towns there are no Russian schools at all, nevertheless, the number of students in Russian schools is growing every year , but in Latvian it falls. And no matter how angry the president is, people who know Russian are the first to be hired in Latvia.

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