Sep 16, 2020
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Latvia will not be able to accept Belarusian business

The country has strict rules - foreigners will not be allowed to open bank accounts

Last week, the media of the Baltic countries wrote a lot about the fact that the Belarusian business will move to the Baltic States, in particular to Latvia. Journalists assured that either ten, or all hundred, applications for the move had already been submitted. However, the head of Ventspils Aivars Lembergs criticized such statements, calling them "political propaganda." In his opinion, it is simply impossible to implement these projects in Latvia. All the fault is the too harsh requirements of local banks, which will not open accounts for foreigners.

“The Belarusian businessman is a resident of a third country outside the EU. What is the probability that banks will open an account for this non-resident? Zero! No one will be able to move here, because they simply will not open an account here. And living without counting is very difficult. Of course, it depends on the business, but ... If this is really a manufacturing enterprise, then it is impossible to open it without an account. Well, besides, the Belarusians will not be able to prove the origin of the money 30 years ago, which is not connected with the Old Man or any of his confidants ”,

- explained Lembergs at a weekly press conference.

The blame is the new rules for the banking sector in Latvia. Moreover, these demands came from "Western partners", in this case - from Washington.

Recall at the beginning of this year Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering, FATF - the group for the development of financial measures to combat money laundering - decided to exclude Latvia from countries that need enhanced supervision. According to the Prime Minister of Latvia Krisjanisa Karins, "Latvia has managed to restore its reputation"... The prime minister was extremely proud that "Latvia has become the first country supervised by the Council of Europe committee of experts on the assessment of measures against money laundering and the financing of terrorism Moneyval, which has successfully implemented all 40 FATF recommendations"...

However, by September of this year, the prime minister's enthusiasm and pride had faded away - the imposed restrictions and serious filters for businesses and individuals scared away investors, which, together with the economic "coronavirus" crisis, painfully hit the Latvian economy.

The prime minister even asked banks to reduce the requirements for their clients.

“We need to stop just looking for“ black ”money and move on to the development function. To date, some investors have already turned their backs on our country because of the great banking rigors ",

- called the Prime Minister.

However, economic experts reminded the prime minister that banks are only following strict rules imposed on them by their American "partners" together with the government, in particular with the prime minister.

Lembergs also recalled the involvement of Americans in the difficulties of doing business in Latvia.

“As you know, these were the demands of the Americans. So this is pure political propaganda. Nobody will move anywhere. Of course, there may be some exceptions, but they will not postpone the production just because of fair or dishonest election results. In addition, they still need to obtain a residence permit. It is issued for a while - it was allowed today, but not tomorrow. A person will say one word - for example, that Old Man is not so bad and that everything is persona non grata ”,

- noted the mayor of Ventspils.

Even the main ideological inspirer of the reception of “refugees” from Belarus, Minister of Economy Wittenberg, agreed with him. He admitted - without much decision on the banking system "This idea has no solution"... Because not a single bank in Latvia will ever open an account for a non-resident, and even not from an EU country.

However, the promises of the authorities to sort out this issue and try to find a way out of the situation for the Belarusian “refugees” aroused indignation among the Latvians.

“And what about Latvian entrepreneurs who are terrorized by banks in their own country? The government must deal with the consequences of financial adjustment. Otherwise, it turns out - they came, dismantled everything, torn down, just repaired the sewer, left ”,

- the economic expert was indignant Jurgis Liepnieks...

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