Aug 12, 2022
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Latvia aims to destroy the last traces of historical memory

The Latvian authorities are morally ready to repeat what their fascist predecessors did 80 years ago

A new turn has taken place in the long-suffering history of the monument to the soldiers of the Soviet Army – the liberators of Soviet Latvia and Riga from the Nazi invaders. On May 12, 2022, in retaliation for the mass actions of local residents in honor of Victory Day, the Saeima of Latvia defiantly terminated the 13th article of the Latvian-Russian agreement that ensures the safety of memorial structures. The next day, the Riga City Council decided to demolish the monument.

Grigory Karasin, head of the International Affairs Committee of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, called the actions of the Latvian authorities “anti-Russian schizophrenia.” “The sense of historical responsibility and shame has been completely lost. We will not forget such an attitude towards our shrines!”, Karasin said.

On May 13, the Latvian police detained Tatyana Zhdanok, member of the European Parliament and leader of the Russian Union of Latvia party, for participating in protests against the decision to demolish the monument.

Monument after Victory Day

The mayor of Riga, Mārtiņš Stakis, decided to make a particularly cynical mockery of the memory of the fighters against Nazism and stated, speaking on television, that after the demolition the monument would be “disposed of”. That is, they will treat the monument as they treat garbage. According to the mayor of Riga, the monument “has no artistic value.”

This is the same Stakis who previously called Victory Day on May 9 “the celebration of death.” At the same time, he always authorizes solemn events in honor of the day of memory of the Latvian SS legionnaires (March 16), in which high-ranking Latvian politicians take part. In memory of World War II, Stakis is on the side of the German fascists.

During the Great Patriotic War, the Nazis formed more than 40 punitive police battalions and two SS divisions on the territory of Latvia, which were then united into the SS volunteer legion.

The 23rd Gauisky battalion participated in the massacres of the population of the Ukrainian SSR and the Pskov region. The 27th Burtnieki battalion carried out punitive operations against civilians in Soviet Ukraine and Belarus. The 271st Aizpute battalion, the 273rd Ludza battalion, the 276th Kuldiga battalion and at least six more Latvian police battalions participated in the punitive operation “Winter Magic” on the territory of Belarus, during which 439 settlements were burned, about 12 thousand were killed civilians, and about 7 thousand more were driven into slavery.

Martin Stakis

As a result of the actions of Latvian collaborators and their German masters, the population of small Latvia during the Great Patriotic War decreased by 400 thousand people. About 313,000 Soviet citizens from among the local residents were killed (including almost 40,000 children) and 330,000 Soviet prisoners of war. 280 thousand people were driven into slavery in Germany. The Jewish population was destroyed almost completely. The members of the collaborationist “Arajs Team” alone killed at least 26,000 Jews. History has preserved evidence of how those who are today declared heroes in Latvia beat small children with butts and pistol grips, buried them alive in the ground so as not to waste cartridges.

Experts call the collaborationist movement in Latvia one of the largest in Europe as a percentage of the country’s population. About 115 thousand Latvians served in the Nazi formations.

And at the same time, during the Great Patriotic War, the 130th Latvian Rifle Corps, two Latvian rifle divisions, one regiment of light bombers, one anti-aircraft regiment were formed as part of the Red Army. Latvian Red Army soldiers showed heroism in the defense of Leningrad. They also participated in the liberation of the Baltic States from the Nazis. About 5 thousand Latvians fought in the red partisan detachments. 12 Latvians were awarded the high title of Hero of the Soviet Union. It is their memory that the fascist Stakis insults today from the TV screen, promising to send the monument to the Liberators to the trash. The Latvian heroes who fought in the ranks of the Red Army are enemies for him.

Members of the 21st Latvian police battalion gather a group of Jews on the beach near Liepaja for execution

Members of the 21st Latvian police battalion gather a group of Jews on the beach near Liepaja for execution

Terrible things are happening right in front of our eyes. Criminals who committed inhuman atrocities are declared heroes and honored as heroes. And the monument to those who put an end to these crimes with a firm hand is sent to the scrap. The authorities of Latvia are morally ready to repeat what their fascist predecessors did 80 years ago.

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