Aug 17, 2022
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Laser removal of stretch marks

Laser removal of stretch marksLaser removal of stretch marksLaser removal of stretch marks

The appearance of stretch marks for many girls is a serious cause for concern. Defects in the skin resulting from overstretching, hormonal imbalances or weight gain are a cosmetic defect that makes many feel embarrassed about their body. What are stretch marks and are there effective ways to deal with them? These are horizontal or vertical micro-tears in the skin that are often darker in color than the skin. They do not pose any health hazard, but their aesthetic unattractiveness is obvious.

It is unlikely that you will be able to get rid of scars on your own, external remedies such as peels, creams and ointments do not work well here. One of the effective techniques aimed at tissue renewal is laser therapy. With its help, you can return the skin to its former smoothness, eliminate scars or make them almost invisible in the most advanced cases.

Why stretch marks appear

There are many provoking factors due to which stretch marks appear on the skin. Among the main reasons are:

  • Weight fluctuation. With excessive weight gain, excess subcutaneous fat is formed. Metabolic processes are disturbed in the dermis, which slows down the synthesis of collagen and elastin scaffold proteins. The skin does not have time to gain the necessary elasticity in time, as a result of which ruptures occur and stretch marks appear.
  • Violation of the hormonal background. Puberty or fluctuating hormones show up as stretch marks on the skin.
  • Pregnancy. In late pregnancy, when the fetus begins to grow vigorously, stretch marks may also appear. This also includes the growth of the mammary glands, weight gain during pregnancy.
  • Endocrine diseases. Taking various medications or hormonal preparations can affect the function of the skin. Against this background, the synthesis of elastin in the dermis suffers, and there is an active breakdown of collagen.

How does laser stretch mark removal work?

Stretch marks can form in the hips, abdomen, chest, waist, shoulders. All these areas are suitable for laser stretch mark removal. On the basis of the clinic “DOCTOR DENT. Cosmetology” a multifunctional Ellipse Nordlys system with built-in software was installed. The Frax 1550 non-ablative fractional laser on the Nordlys platform makes the process of stretch marks removal as fast and comfortable as possible. The system works according to the SoftCool™ algorithm with protection against overheating of skin areas.

In this case, only the damaged layers of the skin are affected, the impact on the rest of the skin is minimized. As a result, the nutrition of scar tissue and its reduction are disturbed. During the operation of the beam, the production of its own collagen and elastin is activated, which gradually fill in the gaps in the skin.

Benefits of the procedure

Laser therapy equally well helps to cope with both old scars and those that have just appeared. After directed exposure to the beam, the natural processes of skin renewal are launched, collagen synthesis is stimulated, and its fibers are restored.

The benefits of laser stretch mark removal include:

  • comfort – the procedure is performed with simultaneous cooling, so the patient does not experience pain;
  • the effect is only on damaged tissues, and healthy ones are intact;
  • safety – the technique is carried out contactlessly, there is no risk of infection;
  • minimum rehabilitation period;
  • speed of conducting – depending on the number of treated areas, one session can last 20-60 minutes;
  • effectiveness – a visible effect is observed after the first procedure;
  • long term result.

The doctor selects the number of procedures individually, which allows for the complete disappearance of scars and stretch marks.

How is it carried out

Laser removal of stretch marks does not require tests or certain examinations. It is carried out after consultation with a cosmetologist. Anesthesia during the procedure is also not required. In our clinic, laser therapy is carried out as follows:

  • the patient’s skin is treated with an antiseptic;
  • the patient and the cosmetologist put on glasses to exclude the negative effect of the laser on the retina;
  • there is a gradual effect of the laser on parts of the body;
  • after the procedure, a sedative and a disinfectant are applied to the area;
  • after the session, the patient is offered to rest for 10-15 minutes on the couch, after which he can return to his usual activities.

At the end of the session, the beautician will recommend less exposure to the sun and not sunbathing for 2 weeks. You also need to refuse to scrub this area, do not wear synthetic clothing.

The beautician will recommend a regenerating agent to lubricate the skin, which will shorten the recovery period.

The article was prepared by a cosmetologist, dermatovenereologist Kachaeva Natalya Igorevna.

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