Sep 10, 2022
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Laser hair removal is a reliable way to permanently remove hair

Laser hair removal is a reliable way to permanently remove hairLaser hair removal is a reliable way to permanently remove hair

With the help of laser hair removal, today girls can forget about body hair forever. This cosmetic procedure is based on the use of a laser, which completely destroys the hair follicle from the inside.

Features of the procedure

Hair color depends on the coloring pigment – melanin. That is why each person has his own shade of hair: chestnut, black, light, red. One of the features of melanin is the ability to absorb light, namely the wavelength of 700-1000 nm. This is the wavelength of the laser beam. Painless laser hair removal is carried out by a special device, the beam of which affects only melanin. The procedure consists in destroying the blood vessels that saturate the follicle by the method of strong heating of the pigment, and also damage the hair shaft.

Cosmetologists note that the procedure is most effective on dark hair. Most hairs die immediately after the first session. The rest gradually fall out within a week or two.

What types of lasers are used

Compared to sugaring, laser hair removal delivers a minimum of discomfort and pain. However, during the session, girls can sometimes feel a slight tingling, and sometimes a burning sensation. This is due to the fact that, by heating the follicle, the laser also heats the surrounding skin. Preliminary application of a cream with an anesthetic effect helps to avoid such sensations.

Epilation is performed by several types of laser:

  1. Ruby. This option was used before, since the beam warmed up not only the melanin in the hair, but also the surrounding skin. Girls with black hair especially felt pain, and even suffered from burns afterwards.
  2. Alexandrite. To use this laser beam, the master must cool the skin in advance.
  3. diode. The safest option for epilation, since the laser cools the skin directly during operation. Cosmetologists also use an additional cooling cream.
  4. Neodymium. This universal laser is used by masters not only for laser hair removal, but also for removing tattoos, vascular “asterisks” and permanent makeup. However, only an experienced qualified cosmetologist should work with such a device in order to properly configure the device before work.

To make hair removal painless, you need to find a qualified master. In addition, it is necessary to make sure that there are no contraindications and the presence of an allergy to the means used.

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