Sep 16, 2022
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Laser and photoepilation – effective removal of unwanted hair

Laser and photoepilation - effective removal of unwanted hair

Today, one of the most popular methods of dealing with unwanted hair is laser and photoepilation. The essence of these light methods is that under the influence of a light pulse, the hair follicle (root) is destroyed and new hair no longer grows from it. Thus, only those hairs that are in the active growth stage can be removed.

It should be noted that the human body also has hair follicles that are in the “sleep” stage, and there are several times more such “sleeping” follicles than “active” follicles. Since these hairs are in the passive stage of their life cycle, the light pulse practically does not affect them. After the first session, the heat received from the powerful light rays, as it were, wakes up the “sleeping” hair and activates their growth. After about a month, they will be removed during the next epilation session. To obtain the desired result and complete relief from unwanted vegetation, as a rule, it is necessary to conduct a course of procedures consisting of 5-10 sessions. Laser hair removal allows every woman to look attractive and well-groomed.

The effectiveness of laser hair removal

A full course of laser hair removal allows you to get rid of hair growth for 5-7 years. If during this period hormonal disorders do not occur in the patient’s body, you can forget about unwanted hair forever. Before the procedure, you need to make some preparations.

First, for one week, you should avoid sunburn, visits to the solarium and the use of self-tanning cream.

Secondly, the length of the hair in the areas where laser hair removal will be performed should be about 2 mm, for this they must first be shaved.

Thirdly, it is not recommended to carry out wax depilation, plucking of hair in the treated area before and after the procedure. Your cosmetologist at the consultation will also inform you that there are some medicines and preparations that are not recommended to be used before, during and for some time after the course of procedures.

Photoepilation is a safe procedure

Modern laser hair removal is carried out in special medical and cosmetology rooms. Qualified specialists will carry out all the necessary preparatory procedures, which allows you to avoid unwanted complications and possible problems. The use of a specially focused beam of light allows you to remove hair absolutely sterile, without violating the integrity of the skin. Therefore, this method of hair removal is considered not only one of the most effective, but also safe.

Another indisputable advantage of laser hair removal is the ability to treat a large area of ​​hair of various types and colors, except for gray hair. In addition, laser hair removal, for example on the face, is an almost painless procedure, which is why many clients prefer this particular method of getting rid of hair.

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