Aug 16, 2022
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Larisa Guzeeva will replace the permanent host Dmitry Nagiyev


Larisa Guzeeva will be the host of the Voice 60+ show.

The fifth season of the Voice 60+ show is on its way, in which some changes have taken place. Until the project is led by Dmitry Nagiyev, he will be replaced by Larisa Guzeeva.

TV producer Yuri Aksyuta announced the changes on the show. “The long-awaited “Voice” returns to the air of the First, and immediately important, albeit planned, news. A few seasons ago, Dmitry Nagiyev and I decided that after 10 years he would take a creative break. The last “Voice” just became an anniversary, which means it’s time for a change. The new season traditionally opens the competition for performers of the older generation, and we offered it to be hosted by one of the brightest stars, the incomparable and charismatic Larisa Guzeeva. Meet the new host “Voice 60+!“- shared Aksyuta.

Guzeeva also commented on this news, noting that she would try not to let her colleagues down.

The offer to become the host of “Voice 60+” was the most unexpected for me. Of course it’s scary. The Voice project is 10 years old, and everyone is used to Dima Nagiyev. He is a brilliant host and did his job just fine, like everything he does. It is always very difficult to enter promoted projects. Even if you jump above your head, you will still be compared and you will be annoying. I don’t know of a single popular project where a new host came along and the people were screaming, “Hallelujah! We were waiting for you!” That doesn’t happen. Everything develops, everything is organic, everyone gets used to it, and then suddenly Larisa comes out … Therefore, of course, I am ready for stones in my address, ready for criticism and I understand that it will be. It’s unavoidable“, – said Larisa Andreevna.

Dmitry Nagiyev - photo from the archive -
Dmitry Nagiyev – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Larisa Guzeeva has been working on television for many years, but this does not mean that she does not experience excitement before the start of Voice 60+.

How will I differ from Dima in this project? Yes to everyone. He is a man, he can be a hundred times more than a woman. A woman should be beautiful, sweet, but this is not enough. A man doesn’t owe anything to anyone. He wanted – he went out in a cap, he wanted – in dark glasses, he wanted – he eats a sausage, he wanted – he knelt on the stage. A man has much more opportunities to express himself. Until you stepped into these scenery, your life in the project did not begin. Home preparations do not work, everything is born here and now. Today is a completely different television, a different approach. You can’t come up with something for yourself, memorize it at home and go on stage with it. All this is considered by the public: today no one reacts to what has been rehearsed and memorized. They react to the living, to the newly born, to the emotion, to your reaction. So I’m very worried, naturally, just very“, – Guzeeva admits.

By the way, filming of the blind auditions for the fifth season of Voice 60+ will start today, and the premiere of the program on the air of the First will take place in the near future. This time, the chairs of team mentors will be occupied by Elena Vaenga, Valery Syutkin, who already have experience in Golos, as well as Alexander Malinin and Igor Kornelyuk, who will make their debut in the project.

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