Oct 19, 2021
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Larisa Guzeeva will have to learn everything anew


The presenter Larisa Guzeeva spoke about her health.

The artist admitted that the past few weeks have been difficult for her, but she is not going to give up.

The hospitalization of 62-year-old Larisa Guzeeva in Kommunarka became known at the end of September. The actress had a hard time taking the disease, and at some point, her lung damage reached 65%. As a result, the doctors of the clinic managed to help the star, and now she is already on the mend.

On social networks, Guzeeva periodically gets in touch with fans, talking about her health. So, on Monday, the TV presenter admitted that now she will have to re-learn basic things.

Nothing has changed in these three weeks. The world has not stopped, life for everyone goes on as usual. And it always will. You are alone with your problems, you must know about it and be ready. Being an adult is responsible for yourself. Simple truths, right? I wasn’t ready. I reviewed everything that was “before”. I will learn everything anew, because the virus is cruel. Thank God for everything“, – the artist shared her emotions.

Larisa Guzeeva
Larisa Guzeeva

While Guzeeva remains in the clinic. In a difficult period, the star is supported by family members and fans. For the TV presenter herself, the general concern about her well-being came as a surprise. “My dear subscribers! Thank you very much for such love and wishes for a speedy recovery. The Lord will not leave you and will return everything to you for your kindness, concern for my humble person. I will try. With you it immediately became easier for me“, – said the star earlier.

This fall, many domestic stars faced the coronavirus. So, Valery Leontiev, Dmitry Kiselev, Alexander Gradsky were hospitalized. Alexander Serov was also in a serious condition for a long time. At some point, the situation was so serious that the singer’s friend Igor Krutoy urged people to pray for him. Now Serov is on the mend.

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