Nov 22, 2021
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Larisa Guzeeva told why the vaccine did not help Garkalin


Presenter Larisa Guzeeva made a loud statement about Valeria Garkalina, who died from coronavirus.

On the night of November 20, after complications caused by the coronavirus, a famous actor, 67-year-old Valery Garkalin, died.

For several weeks, doctors fought for his life, but the disease turned out to be stronger.

Valery Garkalin’s daughter Nika said in an interview that her father was a supporter of vaccination and was vaccinated against the coronavirus.

However, Valery Garkalin’s colleagues have other information, which they reported by texting on Facebook.


So, TV presenter Larisa Guzeeva, who recently recovered from coronavirus, entered into a public dialogue with her friend, artist Sergei Rogozhin. He loves to discuss vaccinations on social networks.

The discussion concerned the death of Valery Garkalin, despite the fact that he was allegedly vaccinated. Larisa Guzeeva said that she knew for certain that Valery Garkalin was not vaccinated.

He was unvaccinated. Valera was lying next to me. He didn’t have a single vaccine“, – wrote Larisa Guzeeva.

Confirmed that Valery Garkalin did not give the vaccine against covid and producer Yevgeny Fridlyand. In a controversy under another Facebook post, the producer claimed that Garkalin allegedly had a fake certificate.

He was not vaccinated. He had a purchased certificate. He himself confessed in the hospital“, – wrote Evgeny Fridlyand.

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