Sep 20, 2022
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Larisa Guzeeva showed a photo from Italy and spoke about the meaning of life


Actress Larisa Guzeeva published her reflections on life and drew criticism from fans.

Larisa Guzeeva shared a picture and accompanied it with her thoughts about life, love and patience.

Life is experiences. The meaning of life is to accumulate and remember loved ones, loved ones. I think so. All peace, patience and do not lose human appearance. Life is difficult, memory is eternal”, the TV presenter wrote on her blog on social networks.

Larisa Guzeeva
Larisa Guzeeva

Surprisingly, such a neutral philosophical post unexpectedly caused a lot of criticism from subscribers. And the thing is that in the picture Guzeeva is posing in Italy, on a square in Venice. “What, are you hiding in Italy?”, “Why is it so unpatriotic? Why not Gelendzhik, Tambov, Ryazan?”- subscribers immediately fell upon the TV presenter.

Known for her tough temper, Guzeeva did not remain silent. “Previous photos from the Urals. Pick your lip!”- Larisa Andreevna answered as if she was imprinted.

And she already calmly answered questions from polite fans that in the photo she really poses in Italy, but not now, but three years ago. And now she is busy with work and filming.

Recall that recently Larisa Guzeeva replaced Dmitry Nagiyev and became the host of the popular show “Voice 60+”, which, by the way, is now promised a long and happy life. And all because now the main matchmaker of the country is playing the leading role.

The actress, with her experience and charisma, is able to bring the vocal competition for older participants to a new level, some say. True, Larisa Guzeeva herself does not hide that she does not yet believe in her strength too much, she is afraid, she is lost, but she does not intend to retreat.

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