Aug 20, 2022
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Larisa Guzeeva ran over the fans of Dmitry Nagiyev


Nagiyev’s fans attacked the presenter Larisa Guzeeva for taking his place.

Personnel changes in the show “Voice 60+”. Larisa Guzeeva will replace Dmitry Nagiyev as the host. This angered the fans of the artist.

Guzeeva for many years was the permanent host in the program “Let’s get married!”. However, the project was put on hold indefinitely. And recently, 63-year-old Larisa Andreevna was offered to try herself in a new role. The TV star did not refuse and decided to seize the opportunity.

The change in the composition did not please the fans of 55-year-old Dmitry Nagiyev. Fans criticized Guzeeva. However, the woman did not remain silent and answered the haters in her usual manner.

Dmitry Nagiyev - photo from the archive -
Dmitry Nagiyev – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

I don’t like a lot about myself either. Honestly. I know how old I am and even saw myself naked in front of the mirror. Don’t torture yourself. And I cancel your presence in my life. And stay with my beautiful followers”, says the famous matchmaker in her blog.

Fans of Guzeeva scattered in compliments to their idol. They believe that Voice 60+ will only benefit from a change in host. “I have never watched “Voice 60+”, but it will be cool with you, I won’t miss it!”; “I think it will be no worse than with Dima!”; “Only for you and I watch“ Let’s get married ”; “Natural and real. Not like this polished and pomaded Dmitry Nagiev”, subscribers admire in anticipation of a new project.

Earlier, Channel One announced the resignation of Dmitry Nagiyev from the post of host of the music shows “Voice” and “Voice 60+”. After a long collaboration with projects, he decided to take a creative break. “I will not be the host in this version or in another. This season at least”, the artist commented on the departure. He did not disclose the reasons why the “physical instructor” decided to rest for a while.

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