Apr 19, 2021
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Larisa Guzeeva published an archive photo in honor of her son’s birthday

12:49, 04/19/2021

The presenter congratulated George on his 29th birthday.

61-year-old Larisa Guzeeva published a rare archive photo on her microblog on Instagram. She showed her son Georgewhen he was little. Today he is 29 years old.

Guzeeva touchingly signed her post: “My precious SON, what a blessing that you were born to me. I grew up with you and if I became a little wiser and more patient, then only thanks to you. I have never met anyone nobler and kinder than you. May Fate be kind to you too. Let your life be filled with joy, meaning and desires! Thank you for being there! My love for you is eternal. “

Larisa Guzeeva congratulated her son on his birthday

George was born from Larisa’s second marriage, when she was married to Kakhoy Tolordava. They met on the set of Mikhail Kalatozishvili’s painting “The Chosen One” in Tbilisi. There Kakha was an editor and played a small role as a priest. In an interview, Larisa said that she met him in the corridor and was amazed by him. After this meeting, she did not lose sight of him.

Guzeeva shared that the Georgian intellectual did not pay attention to her. Then he had an affair with another girl. And Larisa liked him so much that she wanted to create a family with him. She tried to attract him to her, caught the eye and started a dialogue at every opportunity. Ultimately, Guzeeva and Tolordava began a relationship.

Larisa and Kakha got married in 1992. She admitted that she did not want a stamp in her passport, because she did not see the point in it. But her lover insisted, because he was worried that there would be problems with the adoption of the child. After painting, the couple had a son.

Larisa Guzeeva and son George

The young couple lived in St. Petersburg. Guzeeva had her own apartment in the northern capital. However, the couple’s family life did not work out. Larisa said that Kakha is an educated man who speaks several languages ​​and is fond of literature. According to her, next to him she is an ignoramus, but if she had the same education, she would move mountains.

Larisa Guzeeva admitted that she wanted to change her life and told her husband about it. In the 90s, people bought foreign cars and vacationed outside the borders of the former USSR. Her husband was a completely different person, he did not want such a life. The couple decided to break up. Kakha went to his homeland in Georgia, and Larisa was left alone with the baby.

Let us remind you that last week in the program Let’s Get Married! Larisa Guzeeva got her first tattoo. One of the participants in the show was a professional tattoo artist. She decided to surprise the groom and demonstrated her skills.

Guzeeva also decided to decorate herself with a small tattoo and asked the bride of the program to help her with this. Roza Syabitova got scared for her colleague and began to dissuade Larisa from doing this. The tattoo artist inscribed the initials “L” and “G” on the back of his left hand. These letters mean the names of the presenter’s children. Guzeeva’s daughter’s name is Olga, but the family calls her Lelya. The artist’s son’s name is Georgy.

Shot from the program “Let’s Get Married!”

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