Oct 15, 2021
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Larisa Guzeeva made a confession from the hospital in Kommunarka


62-year-old TV presenter Larisa Guzeeva got in touch and said that she was still undergoing treatment in Kommunarka.

Larisa Guzeeva has been in the hospital in Kommunarka for almost three weeks. She was hospitalized on September 29 after a trip to Crimea. The host “Let’s get married!” discovered a coronavirus and serious damage to lung tissue. And while doctors are careful in their predictions, there is no question of discharging the patient. On the contrary, she is being treated with a new drug, one injection of which costs the actress almost 50 thousand rubles.

For a long time, Guzeeva remained silent, but apparently things went smoothly. She decided to cheer up subscribers who are worried about her. The TV presenter made it a song that can definitely cheer everyone up. “What is the wind to me, what is heat to me, what is pouring rain for me when my friends are with me“, – the presenter says emotionally. She sings not in Kommunarka, the video was made on the set on her birthday.

Now the actress realizes that happiness was very fleeting, and if she knew that illness awaited her, she would treat her health and safety more carefully.

Larisa Guzeeva
Larisa Guzeeva

I was happy and did not know about it. Take care of yourself! I am not calling for anything – you already know how to live! Thank you for your support and love! Your kindness is endless! My wonderful friends. I’m still in a communal apartment. Three weeks. I hug everyone tightly! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•“, – wrote Guzeeva on Instagram.

My honey!!! Everything will be fine!“- Alika Smekhova reacted. “Love and wait❀️“, – Yulia Zimina left a comment. “Lara! Get well soon !!! We love you!!!“, – wrote Daria Poverennova.

Thank God we got in touch. First-hand is somehow more reliable. I wish you a speedy recovery. ”,β€œ Only in the hospital do you thoroughly appreciate just life. Get well ”,β€œ Get well, wonder woman, you are the idol of millions πŸ€πŸ™πŸ½πŸ€ ”,β€œ Larisa, get well dear !!!! ❀️❀️“, – fans write in the comments.

Larisa Guzeeva with her husband
Larisa Guzeeva with her husband

By the way, Igor Bukharov, a famous restaurateur and husband of Larisa Guzeeva, meeting in Orenburg with the owners and managers of restaurants and cafes, talked about business and the need for vaccination against the COVID-19 coronavirus. According to Bukharov, more than 98 percent of employees have already been vaccinated in restaurants and cafes in Moscow.

Bukharov appealed to everyone to get vaccinated, stressing that vaccination is a real chance to save people. The restaurateur said that both he and the children took root in their family. Larisa was persuaded, but she refused and went to the shooting in the Crimea. As a result, after returning to Moscow, Larisa Guzeeva was hospitalized with coronavirus.

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