Jan 6, 2022
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Larisa Guzeeva has fun reading the comments of Glucose


The presenter Larisa Guzeeva takes pleasure when she reads caustic comments.

Gluk’oZa often pampers fans with candid photos and constantly encounters negative reactions to them. Larisa Guzeeva decided to support the singer.

The actress is not satisfied with such a position of society on how the singer expresses herself. In her opinion, a body like that of Yonova is worth admiring.

When to visit her on the program “Let’s get married!” Natalya came on Channel One as a star matchmaker, Guzeeva did not miss the moment and immediately admitted: “I love to read under Natasha’s publications how grandmothers and aunts are raging!


The 62-year-old TV presenter added that she was surprised by the artist’s willpower: “When she is just absolutely perfect perfection! It can be seen that a person works so much, having two children, on his body. “

Larisa Guzeeva was not cunning when she noted about the hate comments on the singer’s social networks. As soon as Gluk’oZa shares candid shots, she immediately receives not the most pleasant feedback …

So, commentators are not shy about expressions and write: “Concerned “; “Someone is proud of knowledge, successive achievements, and madam is the only subject that she got from the Almighty – oops, oops …”; “Again … he exposes! Otlyachila as if the stomach twisted … Through a tube everything drinks and that’s the result“.

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