Sep 5, 2022
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Larisa Guzeeva did not please Stanislav Sadalsky


The scandalous artist did not like the work of the host Larisa Guzeeva.

Channel One aired the release of the new season of the Voice 60+ show, which instead of Dmitry Nagiyev is now hosted by Larisa Guzeeva. The reaction of the audience to the new presenter was controversial. Some were happy after a long break to see the star of the show “Let’s Get Married” on the screen, others were disappointed with the choice of producers.

Actor Stanislav Sadalsky harshly criticized Guzeeva. He mocked the age of the TV star and wondered why someone younger was not taken in her place? The artist offered to replace the presenter with the singer Shaman, who recently “shot”.

Larisa Guzeeva - photo from the archive -
Larisa Guzeeva – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

In addition, Sadalsky called the show with the participation of Guzeeva a resounding failure. “It may be cruel, but it’s true“, – writes the actor. He added that he was waiting for the return of Nagiyev, who, after the release of the anniversary season, took a short creative break.

Nagiyev endless respect. That’s where the sense of tact and acting dignity. The viewer will never get bored”, — wrote Sadalsky.

Guzeeva, however, was ready for criticism. Earlier, she herself said in an interview that she did not consider herself a worthy replacement for Nagiyev. She was very scared when she received an offer from the leadership of Channel One, as she decided that she could not do the job. “I was scared,” Larisa recalls. Despite all the worries, Guzeeva decided to take a chance and accept the offer.

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