Sep 14, 2020
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Larisa Guzeeva complained about the fastidious nature of her 20-year-old daughter

09:17, 09/14/2020

The TV presenter admitted that it is extremely difficult for Olga to please in food.

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61-year-old TV presenter Larisa Guzeeva devotes most of her free time to her children: 20-year-old Olga and 28-year-old George... Guzeeva's son has been married for several years and lives a calm family life. But Olga often amazes the star mother with eccentric antics.

Yesterday Larisa Guzeeva complained about her daughter's behavior in the program "To the dacha!" The TV presenter admitted that her daughter is extremely picky about food. If Olga doesn't like something in the dish that her mother prepared, the girl will categorically refuse to eat it. In addition, the star heiress is a vegetarian, and Larisa Guzeeva has to come up with recipes suitable for her daughter's diet. The TV presenter recalled a recent situation when Olga spat food she did not like right into her mother's hand.

Larisa Guzeeva with her son and daughter

“My girl is 20 years old. We sit and have lunch. And suddenly something hit her mouth, she says: "Mom, give me your hand," and spits there. I tell her: "Lelya, you are 20 years old!" And she was like, “So what? You are my mother. "", - Guzeeva shared with the heroine of the "To the dacha!"

Recall that in 2018, Olga Bukharova had health problems: doctors discovered she had two benign tumors. After surgery, the doctors prescribed hormonal treatment for her. However, the drugs worsened not only the physical, but also the mental state of the girl. Olga has become emotionally unstable, and often shares the results of her impulsive actions on her microblog on Instagram. So, she published in the Stories section a photo of her room after a nervous breakdown. Olga tore off the wallpaper from the walls and scattered all the things. And at the end of August, the daughter of the TV presenter decided to shave off her eyebrows.

Larisa Guzeeva with her daughter Olga

Larisa Guzeeva does not condemn her daughter and tries to protect her from the attacks of haters. After the pogrom in Olga's room, the TV presenter noted that teenagers are experiencing difficulties much more. Guzeeva stressed that parents should not put pressure on the child, and must think about his freedom and comfort.

“The answer is unkind. Yes, my daughter posted this photo on her page. Yes, teenagers are experiencing more and more tragic and acute experiences. I'm sure it's better to let the wallpaper peel off the wall than skin. Everything passes. Everything passes ... And do you think it is imperative to stand over the child with a sledgehammer and drive him in the right way, from the height of your experience? " - said the TV presenter (spelling and punctuation of the author are given without changes. - Prim. line.).

Larisa Guzeeva with her husband Igor Bukharov

By the way, Larisa Guzeeva first became a mother in April 1992. Actress and TV presenter gave birth to a screenwriter Kakhi Tolordava, who became her second husband. The future spouses met on the set of the film "The Chosen One" in Tbilisi. They began an affair, and soon Guzeeva discovered that she was pregnant. Larisa and Kakhi got married a few days before the birth of George, but soon divorced. The reason for the gap was the scriptwriter's addiction to banned substances. For the third time, Larisa Guzeeva got married in 1999. Her husband was the president of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia Igor Bukharov. The spouses have been friends for a long time, they met when Larisa was 18 years old, and Igor was 17. However, only 22 years later the TV star agreed to marry an old acquaintance. A year after the wedding, the couple had a daughter, Olga.

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