Jan 26, 2021
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Larisa Guzeeva complained about the extra pounds gained after the New Year holidays

17:22, 26.01.2021

The TV star plans to lose weight.

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61-year-old Larisa Guzeeva returned to work after the New Year holidays. So, the host of the show “Let’s Get Married!” in her microblog on Instagram, she published a video in which she said that she gained extra pounds during her vacation. Now the star is forced to hide the figure behind voluminous outfits.

“I got fat like a dog on these New Year’s grubs. Straight some kind of horror. We must take up ourselves. The robe barely came together. I hope you are suffering as much as I am. That it was not offensive. Now I’m hiding like this. Let’s lose weight together, ”said Guzeeva.

Larisa Guzeeva said she gained extra pounds

By the way, Guzeeva has repeatedly complained about her excess weight. Earlier, Larisa told how her husband Igor Bukharov began to look at other women. “I had a problem with weight. Oh, he is me and please, and it’s okay, and so – you can continue to grow fat. And I notice how he looks at his friends at my thin ones. I already want to carry food past my mouth, ”Guzeeva recalled on the air of the show“ To the dacha! ”.

Then Larisa began to actively engage in herself. She began to practice fasting, but this technique did not bring her the desired result. Due to stress, Guzeeva’s body began not to lose kilograms, but to gain them. After unsuccessful attempts to lose weight, the TV presenter turned to specialists.

Larisa Guzeeva and Igor Bukharov

In addition, Guzeeva went to a specialized sanatorium, in which she lost five kilograms in a week. Doctors recommended that the Channel One star eat very small portions so that the body does not gain weight due to stress. Now Larisa every year goes to a detox clinic for some time, where she puts her body in order.

Recall that Larisa has been living with her husband since 1999. They met when Igor was 17 years old, and Larisa was 18. For a long time they were just friends. The couple registered their relationship only when Guzeeva was 40 years old. In 2000, the couple had a daughter, Olga. Once Larisa and Igor were on the verge of divorce, when the TV star’s husband began to correspond with the girls on social networks. However, Guzeeva was able to forgive her husband, and in the end the couple managed to save the marriage.

Larisa Guzeeva with her daughter Olga

Note that Guzeeva was married twice. From the first spouse Ilya the actress left due to his addiction to illegal drugs. The second husband of the star became Kakha Tolordava… In this union in 1992, they had a son George

We add that Larisa Guzeeva is not only a TV presenter, but also an actress. The star graduated from the Leningrad State Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography. Her first major and most famous film role was the role of Larisa Dmitrievna Ogudalova in the film “Cruel Romance” directed by Eldar Ryazanov.

Larisa Guzeeva and Nikita Mikhalkov in the film “Cruel Romance”

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