Sep 17, 2022
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Larisa Guzeeva compared herself with Monica Bellucci


Presenter Larisa Guzeeva spoke about the criticism addressed to her.

The TV presenter has been the host of the show “Let’s Get Married!” for many years. The star of “Hard Romance” organically moved from actresses to TV presenters, but at the same time continues to receive “kicks” from ill-wishers.

63-year-old Larisa Guzeeva actively maintains a page on social networks and communicates with subscribers. The star does not hesitate to answer the haters, whom she just has a sea. At the same time, the leader does not go into her pocket for a word – she can send, she can joke.

Most often, malicious comments relate to her appearance, behavior in the frame, as well as style. But Guzeeva is not upset. Over the long years of working in the public space, she realized that there is no ideal that everyone loves. When a person has something to criticize for, it is even more interesting.

I’m thinking about Monica Bellucci… It’s air, marshmallow, rose petal, the best fragrance and perfection itself! The woman who played a Bond girl at 50! But even they write about her that she got scared and aged. And what about us, not Monica, not Bellucci?“- complains Guzeeva.

Larisa Guzeeva - photo from the archive -
Larisa Guzeeva – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Recently, Larisa Andreeva changed her working platform – she was appointed the host of the Voice 60+ show. For the actress, this is a new and unusual project. Responsibility adds the fact that she came to replace Dmitry Nagiyev himself. Guzeeva jokes that she comes out all wet after filming, with shaking knees.

But everything is compensated by communication with excellent participants who enter the competition stage. Here Larisa Andreevna is truly delighted.

In show business, it is customary to joke a lot, smile … At the same time, you get tired already in the second minute of communication, because it is impossible to be sincere with such plastic people. You know that you are just wasting your time, because not a single question of yours will be a live, real emotion, but there will only be endless jokes and conversations about nothing. On the “Voice” there are no such people, here everyone is sincere and real“, – explained the TV presenter “RBC”.

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