Oct 22, 2021
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Larisa Guzeeva admitted that it is still hard for her to breathe


The presenter Larisa Guzeeva spoke about her health.

The artist left the walls of the hospital two days ago, where she spent almost a month due to coronavirus infection. The presenter was in serious condition and faced serious complications. Her lungs were 65% affected, so she breathed with an oxygen mask.

The presenter the day before spoke for the first time about how she feels after an illness. She got in touch with the studio of the show “Let them talk” on Channel One and answered the most pressing questions by phone.

To begin with, Guzeeva said that she did not enjoy any privileges in the clinic. Valery Garkalin was treated next to her, in the next ward, and the other “neighbors” were ordinary patients. The presenter again thanked the doctors who were saving her life, as well as the nurses who knocked their legs bleeding while caring for the sick.

Larisa Guzeeva
Larisa Guzeeva

The country’s main matchmaker also criticized those people who “buy” QR codes for themselves and deceive others about an alleged illness. She called them shameless liars and people dangerous to society.

As for Guzeeva herself, she now faces a long recovery. So far, she still has a serious breathing problem.

I spent almost a month in Kommunarka. I’m not doing very well yet … Sorry for the mess, I’m suffocating yet. Still to be treated and treated, to recover, and then we’ll see“, – said Guzeeva.

By the way, on the eve it became known that Alexander Serov, who had contracted the same virus, was on the mend. He was already transferred from intensive care to a regular ward, as his daughter Michelle told about.

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