Jan 14, 2022
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Larisa Guzeeva admitted that her “cuckoo drove off” after the coronavirus


Presenter and actress Larisa Guzeeva spoke about her health after COVID-19.

The artist was seriously ill with covid last fall. She spent almost a month in a hospital in Kommunarka, where doctors helped her fight the coronavirus. The artist suffered a severe virus, so she still has difficulty recovering. The consequences of this disease, according to the actress, make themselves felt to this day, and they are reflected in her behavior.

The TV presenter admitted that she herself was frightened by bouts of unmotivated aggression that she began to experience in relation to others.

After covid, my cuckoo really drove off. I keep myself at work, I just have unmotivated aggression. All of a sudden it’s covering me. My family knows this and they feel sorry for me. I’m not to blame. It’s an infection”, – said Guzeeva on the air of the program “Let’s get married!”.

Larisa Guzeeva
Larisa Guzeeva

In addition, as the TV presenter noted, after the illness she began to have memory problems. According to her, she begins to speak and simply forgets the words.

Recall that Larisa Guzeeva was admitted to the hospital on September 26 with complaints of fever and cough. The first test for coronavirus gave a negative result, but then the TV presenter was re-tested, which revealed a dangerous illness in her. At the time of hospitalization, her lungs were almost not affected, but the disease developed rapidly. Within a few days, doctors discovered 60% of respiratory damage.

In the treatment of the presenter, an expensive medicine was used, which is used to save seriously ill patients. The drug has serious side effects, but in the case of Guzeeva, on the contrary, it led to a positive result. She got better.

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