Nov 24, 2021
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Larisa Dolina was angry with Maxim Galkin


Singer Larisa Dolina again criticized the young performers.

The 66-year-old artist believes that there are almost no good musicians on the modern stage. As the singer noted, young artists think only about money. “We live in such a strange time when no one needs voices and professionalism. We need freaks and strange personalities who would bring material benefits to their producers. In my school I teach to sing beautifully, I want the students to become real professionals. I do not hide my age, there is not much left for me, so I want a worthy change to take tomorrow“, – shared the Valley.

The performer is not afraid to express her opinion in person. So, in the YouTube show “Musicality” she criticized Valya Karna.val, saying that she had neither hearing nor voice. However, Larisa Alexandrovna has not changed her point of view to this day.

Larisa Valli
Larisa Valli

I was not angry with Valya, I was angry that the host of the program, Maxim Galkin, put me in an awkward position … My granddaughter no longer listens to Karna.val, the program made such an impression on her. Of course, I would like to turn the youth towards high-quality music, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to do this, because the young have a multi-million army of admirers. Sometimes it becomes scary, what awaits us tomorrow?“- the people’s artist complains.

Valley hopes that current performers will still come to make decent music. The singer urged the artists to follow Igor Krutoy, Igor Nikolaev, Max Fadeev, Leonid Agutin.

There is pop music, one-day songs, and there is popular music. I’m this way, I’m popular music. Pop music is not a very respectful attitude towards art, I do not even remember the names of contemporary authors …“- concluded Larisa Dolina in the YouTube show” Tell Gordeeva “.

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