Nov 9, 2021
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Larisa Dolina suffered a hard parting with her husband


The daughter of the singer Larisa Dolina told about her mother.

The 66-year-old artist often appears at concerts and social events, accompanied by her daughter and granddaughter. The artist adores heiresses and tries to spend every minute with them. It was Angelina and Sasha who were close when Dolina divorced Ilya Spitsyn.

The parting was painful for the artist, although she tried to hide her feelings. At that time, Dolina’s daughter even moved to her in the hope of helping her. “I AM insisted on this when it became clear that my mother was at odds with her husband. I saw that she was sad and lonely. She asked: “Do you want me and Sasha to move to you?” She replied that it would be nice. And we moved first to the dacha, and then to my mother’s Moscow apartment – when we realized that we were comfortable together“, – said Angelina.

Larisa Dolina with her daughter
Larisa Dolina with her daughter

Now the Valley is on excellent terms with her daughter. Angelina helps her mother in work and household chores, tries to lighten her already busy schedule. However, this was not always the case. In adolescence, the heiress became very distant from her mother, which upset Larisa Alexandrovna.

There were several periods of adolescence when she did not accept me at all. I didn’t know where she was, with whom, what she was doing. She wanted to be independent, to do what she wanted, no advice was accepted. Although then she was financially dependent on me. It was very hard … It was tense, painful, difficult. Once a week he will write two words and that’s all. I had a feeling that I was not needed at all“, – shared the Valley.

But the artist has an impeccable relationship with her granddaughter Alexandra. The girl imitates her grandmother in everything and is already dreaming of a singing career with might and main. In an interview for the “Caravan of stories” publication, Dolina admitted that she is proud of her heirs and is confident in their bright future.

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