Sep 14, 2022
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Larisa Dolina humiliated Olga Buzova, lowering her


Singer Larisa Dolina said she would not sing with Buzova.

The artist does not hesitate to express her opinion sharply about her colleagues, especially about the younger generation of artists. One can recall at least her high-profile scandal with Valya Karnaval, which flared up on the Musicality show. But, as it turned out, the pop star does not consider all newly minted celebrities to be mediocre, and with some of them she is even ready to record a duet.

The valley unexpectedly praised the talent of Olga Buzova’s former lover, rapper David Manukyan, publicly humiliating the TV presenter along the way. She stated that the artist has two undeniable advantages over others – he is young and has good vocal abilities, which cannot be said about his ex-girlfriend.

Larisa Dolina - photo from the archive -
Larisa Dolina – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

I won’t sing with the girl with whom Dima Bilan and Sergey Lazarev sang a duet (talking about Olga Buzova – ed.), I won’t sing – somehow it’s not for me. But, for example, Dava, a young rapper – a singing person! And why not sing a duet with him? In general, collaborations are a good thing, you just need to look for those artists who have at least something to cling to“, – said the people’s artist in an interview with

By the way, the Valley knows firsthand about Buzova’s talent, because once she was present at her chamber performance. It happened in March last year at the gala dinner of the “Heat” award, where Olga decided to perform live her hit “Few Halves” in jazz arrangement. Coincidentally, the Valley, which, as you know, is considered the queen of jazz, was sitting right next to the impromptu stage and got into the frame when the star of Doma-2 was filmed. The People’s Artist did not comment on Buzova’s singing in any way, but it was clear from her face how indignant she was because of the false notes.

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