Nov 3, 2021
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Larisa Dolina emphasized her graceful figure with a white bodycon dress with sequins


66-year-old singer Larisa Dolina never ceases to delight colleagues and fans with her slender figure and youthful appearance. This time the artist appeared in a white silhouette dress.

Larisa Dolina thanked the subscribers for many kind words under her posts and photos. “I wish everyone who is sick a speedy recovery, those who are healthy, please take care of yourself and your loved ones! All warmth, peace of mind, and whatever you do, let it be fun!“- the singer wished.

Dolina posted on her Instagram a new photo in a white dress that hugs her slimmer figure and strewn with shimmery and iridescent sequins, accentuating the beautiful neckline and skillfully highlighting the waist.

Larisa Valli
Larisa Valli

Beautiful Larisa Alexandrovna 🥰❤️“, – answered Alexander Panayotov. “Luxurious! 😍“- Alexander Vasiliev admired. “Beauty, rod woman! 🔥“- wrote Natalia Podolskaya. “The image goes very well Beautiful“- said Anita Tsoi.

A stunning image! This dress and make-up suit you madly😍 “,” How does white suit you, Snegurochka! ” “You are in white as a fragile porcelain doll”, “Incomparable Larisa Dolina !!! ❤❤❤”, “Gorgeous woman 😍“, – subscribers left their comments.

Recently, Dolina shared a photo with her daughter, in which she looks absolutely happy and … almost indistinguishable from 38-year-old Angelina.

By the way, the singer celebrated her birthday in September – she turned 66 years old. A couple of years ago, the pop star outwardly fully corresponded to her age and was distinguished by a well-fed figure. However, unexpectedly, the celebrity radically transformed: she lost weight and looked 10-15 years younger, which struck the fans outright. And this summer, the Valley even ventured to publish footage in a swimsuit.

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