May 2, 2021
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Larisa Dolina broke off relations with her third husband

Pop and jazz singer Larisa Dolina confirmed reports of a break in relations with her third husband, guitarist and producer Ilya Spitsyn, whom she married in 1998.

The personal life of the Valley has always been shrouded in mystery. For several years now, gossip has been circulating in the secular crowd about the separation of the performer with her third spouse. Previously, the artist did not comment on this news in any way, but now she decided to honestly admit that she is free.

Dolina met Spitsyn when she was still married to guitarist Viktor Mityazov. In the late 90s, Spitsyn got a job with her as a musician. Dolina spent one of the evenings with a new member of the team, after which a whirlwind romance ensued between them, which spilled over into a 20-year marriage.

Valley admitted that she was in no hurry to marry again. The celebrity feels quite comfortable in the status of a free woman.

“I was married three times. And I feel so good now, “the” Interlocutor “quotes the singer.

After parting with her husband, the Valley changed noticeably: she lost weight, began to look younger and choose extravagant outfits. Not a single concert of a star takes place without bright and eccentric images. For example, the singer recently showed stage makeup, thanks to which she became like a dead man. The performer’s appearance scared her fans.

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