Jun 6, 2022
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Larisa Andersen told when it is better to make deals


Larisa Andersen spoke about an important aspect of Saturn Retrograde.

It takes exactly 29.5 years for Saturn to make a complete revolution around the sun☀️
The planet goes retrograde every year for 140 days.
❗This year from June 4 to October 23.

By itself, the planet represents diligence, wisdom, order, self-discipline.
During retrograde, it is these areas that will matter.

☝️ For many people, this period will bring changes: there will be difficulties and trials. However, they will make you wiser and more patient. In general, everything that will happen at the specified time will teach us something.

❗ The time when Saturn is retrograde is important for those who are engaged in business, hold a state post, and are engaged in law.

During Saturn retro, circumstances related to the past are often updated. In most cases, with those events from which no benefits were derived.

❗ It is the months of retro Saturn that are successful for learning and improving the practical skills that are necessary for professional self-realization.

🪐Retro Saturn is a cold karmic planet that tests a person for strength in all areas of his life.
In personal life, disruptions of plans can occur during the retro Saturn period. Saturn teaches to be more flexible, adapt to the situation, think through everything to the smallest detail.

❗During the retro Saturn in the field of health, problems with the musculoskeletal system are exacerbated, because this planet is responsible for bones, teeth and ligaments. At this time, old diseases are reminiscent of themselves.

Retro Saturn will make you think and learn from past mistakes.
It is better not to enter into conflicts and disputes, not to take risks, not to start new business.

But do not quit what you started, be responsible in all matters, value your own and other people’s time.
☝️This is a great time for studying, repairing, building and gardening. It is better to direct your attention to completing old projects and helping others.
It is very important to follow the regime and routine, because clear and planned actions will contribute to favorable events!

During the retro Saturn period, major repairs should not be started. You can continue, you don’t have to start. I do not advise registering production.

At this time, you need to reconsider your view of the world, find a new way to overcome obstacles, take stock, adjust plans.
In these few months, you need to allow yourself generosity towards others and begin to show more tolerance for other people’s weaknesses.
Those who manage to set themselves up in this way will receive resources from Saturn to overcome the difficulties that arise with minimal losses.

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