Sep 22, 2022
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Larisa Andersen told what to pay attention to during the Moon in Leo


Astrologer Larisa Andersen gave a forecast until the 23rd.

Moon in the zodiac sign Leo from 23:37 on the 20th to 10:53 on the 23rd (Moscow time)

The Moon in Leo promotes an upbeat, cheerful mood. The boundaries are somewhat blurred, seem easily surmountable. It seems to us that we can do everything, we are capable of everything, just a little bit more and the whole world is at our feet. In the days of Leo, we want everyone to praise us, to compliment us. Do not be stingy with kind words for others – you will be answered the same. These days, people pay special attention to appearance: the way you look will certainly be noticed.

✅ On such lunar days it is good to spend holidays and have fun from the heart. The day is good for establishing closer contacts with superiors, making acquaintances with the people you need. Various cultural events are held well. The presentations are the best. It is advisable to dress smartly, put yourself in order and go somewhere where there are a lot of people and a festive atmosphere reigns: to the theater, to a concert, to visit.

❌ It is not recommended to draw up monetary documents and securities, it is better to postpone issues related to large sums of money, because they can bring you considerable losses. Real estate matters, matters relating to business cooperation should be postponed.

❤️ If you want to make a favorable impression, use Leo days to the fullest. Love at first sight most often happens at this time. The romance begun at this time will last a long time, and the feelings will be deep. Relationships will bring a lot of play and flirting – this is the type of non-committal holiday romance. However, an easily established acquaintance can gradually develop into strong attachments.

These days you should not give a load on the heart, you should avoid tedious travel and everything that overstrains the heart and circulatory system. It is advisable to refrain from excessive unrest.

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