Sep 20, 2022
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Larisa Andersen told what to do on wheel day 2022


Astrologer Larisa Andersen spoke about the day of the equinox.

The ancient holiday of the wheel of the year, also known as Mabon, Osenins, the feast of the Holy Wine – in the 8th century BC. wine and bread were considered sacred food🍷🍞

Astrologically, the Sun moves into the sign of Libra and day equals night. Astronomical autumn and spring in the southern hemisphere🌍

This is the day of balance, harmony, order, in ancient times they celebrated 7 days before and after, praised the deity Ovsen, responsible for the change of seasons, brought gifts to spirits and nature for a generous harvest🍎🌽🌾

The Celts celebrated Mabon, the Japanese celebrated Higan, the Zoroastrians celebrated Sede, the Christians celebrated the birth of the Virgin…

Since ancient times, it was believed that on the equinox, God the Sun descends from heaven to fulfill our desires! Therefore, it is important to spend the day consciously👍

What to do for yourself on the equinox:

🔸 on Wednesday or Thursday, clean up, sort out things and ruthlessly throw away the old, superfluous, also with contacts on the phone, with photos, with files on the computer, until we get rid of the old – there is no way for the new;

🔸 cook a delicious dinner, and if you know how to bake – bake round pies with meat, berries, vegetables, with all the gifts of nature, ideally gather family and friends around the table;

🔸 if you go to the forest, take a couple of pieces of cake and fruit with you, leave gifts to nature with gratitude;

🔸 do any meditations and practices on desire, wish lists, as an option, and it doesn’t matter that the moon is waning, the power of the equinox is more important or the desire to get rid of obstacles in life;

🔸 decorate the house with rowan branches, our ancestors did this to protect against negativity;

🔸 light a candle at home in memory of the ancestors;

🔸 think about your learning, new knowledge, the equinox is a very auspicious day to start new learning;

🔸 make peace with those with whom you are in a quarrel, and delete destructive people from life forever;

🔸 be sure to light candles, both for desire and for the atmosphere on the festive table🕯️

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