Aug 7, 2022
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Larisa Andersen told what threatens Venus in Cancer 2022


Astrologer Larisa Andersen made a forecast for Cancers 2022.


Friends, hello everyone!🧡❤💜

August 6 began the transit of Venus in Cancer.

Cancers are wonderful family people, it is important for them to feel love and take care of their partner and loved ones. Therefore, during this transit, many successful couples may decide to legitimize their relationship. In family unions, a desire will wake up to spend more time together, play with children, talk about your feelings.

Lonely people at this time, more than usual, will want to create strong relationships where they can give and receive love, feel cared for and understood. ⠀

But at the same time, in personal, friendly and business relationships, it will be difficult to defend their boundaries, since Cancers often sacrifice themselves for the sake of others. Therefore, in any situation, do not forget about yourself and your own interests🙏

Cancer is an unfavorable sign for Venus and Venus will feel uncomfortable and will not be able to show all her best qualities to the fullest.

Hypersensitivity and excessive emotionality will interfere in family harmony. Transit can contribute to the fact that many people will begin to provoke conflicts out of the blue, arguing that they lack love and attention. Others can “jam” their experiences, and someone closes in himself. Try to resolve all conflicts at once, talk about your feelings and take into account the feelings of your partner❤️

🎨🖌️ During the transit period, it is favorable to calm your mind with creativity, spiritual practices, immersion in astrology and psychology.

Another feature of transit is that your intuition will increase. Listen to your inner voice and it will help you to perform the right actions and deeds during this period.

‼️Transit will last until August 30th.

For the good of you and the universe 💫

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