Sep 9, 2022
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Larisa Andersen spoke about the rituals for the Full Moon in the sign of Pisces 2022


Astrologer Larisa Andersen shared good advice on the tenth of September.

So, friends, ‼️ September 10 at 12:59 Moscow time the Full Moon will come in the sign of Pisces. Let’s talk about the rituals that are appropriate to carry out during this period. In esotericism, the days of the Full Moon are considered the most powerful time for various rituals. No wonder our ancestors during this period turned to the spirits and asked for help.

Rituals can be performed within a day from the moment of the Full Moon.


At night, pour a glass of water, say your desire to the water and say: “Moon help me make my dream come true. Thank you!” Leave the glass on the windowsill (it is desirable that the light of the moon falls on it).

In the morning, imagine that your desire has come true, imbued with this thought, and drink water.


Take 3 coins of the same denomination and put in your left pocket any item that you wear daily or very often. In the right pocket, put a magnet (any one you can find). Light a candle and say a conspiracy for money three times: “As the Moon is full, so are my pockets and my wallet.” When the candle is completely burnt out, transfer the coins to the wallet. Don’t waste money on the first day.


On the night of the Full Moon, take any bills and coins that can fit in your wallet and fill it “to capacity.” Put a tightly stuffed wallet on the windowsill and say a conspiracy: “As the Moon is full, so is my wallet.” Leave your wallet until the morning. On the first day after the Full Moon, spending money is prohibited.

During the Full Moon (during the day) it is good to meditate, write your desires in a diary, cleanse your soul and body, clear rubble and clean the apartment.

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